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Joe Biden would sign a series of executive orders in his first days in office, attempting to reverse the damage done at home and abroad by Donald Trump, whom the Democrats replaced as president on Wednesday.

The 78-year-old Biden has already outlined plans to send an immigration bill and a Kovid stimulus and relief package to a new Democratic-controlled Congress. On Friday, he said he would shake off the distribution of vaccines against Kovid-19, killed in the chaos led by Trump.

According to a memo from chief of staff Ron Clann released on Saturday, Biden planned to return to the U.S. on the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal, overturn Trump’s travel ban against some Muslim-majority countries, eviction under the pandemic and Criminals banned. Institute a facade mandate on federal property.

President Biden would enjoy Democratic control of both houses of Congress if voted by a slight margin in the House and 50-50 by Kamala Harris as vice-president in the Senate. But Senate business, including confirmation for Biden’s cabinet nominees, will soon dominate Trump’s impeachment trial.

On Sunday, Klan told CNN’s State of the Union: “It is important for the Senate to do its constitutional duty, but to take immediate action on the nation’s needs, to perform its constitutional duty to move forward on these appointments. Too.

“The last time it was tried by President Trump was that the Senate was able to hold confirmation hearings for candidates during the morning [and] Was able to conduct other business. I hope that on bipartisan basis, Senate leaders will find a way to move forward on all their responsibilities. This impeachment test is one of them but getting people into government and taking action on coronaviruses is one of those responsibilities. “

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