Trump draws Nevada governor at rally, targets mail-in voting

President TrumpDonald John Trumptrump slams Nevada governor at rally, shoots back at NFL match Mike Holmgren in response to Trump’s epidemic, throws support to Biden Watch Live: rallies to supporters in Trew Nevada Nevada Government Took Target Steve SisolakSince June, more than 500 visitors to Nevada have carried on the Steve Sysoloktrump campaign to press after the Nevada events, testing positive for COVID-19 since June: absentee mailings by Trump campaign of officials Sued three Iowa counties (D) Saturday night during a campaign rally, accusing state leaders and other Democrats of using mail-in voting to “rig” in the upcoming November election.

Trump began his rally in Minden, Nevali, targeting Sisolak on Saturday night, saying the governor tried to stop his campaign from organizing.

“You know the governor of your state,” Trump said before stopping a chorus of busses, “tried a lot tonight to stop the incident from happening.”

Trump said, “They helped stop us. They tried to stop us. The governor of Nevada. They tried to stop us and we went to different places.”

The president claimed that Sisolak called various places to stop the rally.

“A guy is calling here, who is not asking them to rally. Calling different places is not a rally… ”

A spokesperson for the governor He said that he did not have communication with the organizers of the campaign, But the event violated public health guidelines, limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people.

The remarks came after news on Wednesday that the venue that was to host Trump campaign events in the state was pulled due to coronavirus restrictions on the gatherings.

Sisolak issued a gathering directive to 50 people or less to reduce the spread of the virus.

Trump then targeted Democrats in general, saying they were “trying to rig the election.”

“Democrats are trying to rig this election because it’s the only way they’re going to win,” the president said. A large, predominantly maskless crowd.

Since the onset of the epidemic, Democrats have advocated mail-in voting amid concerns about COVID-19.

“Let’s face it: the one who is shot. He does not know what is going on. They will be locked in a room and the radicals will leave everything.” The president said referring to the Democratic challenger, the former Vice President Joe BidenJoe kills Nevada governor at BidenTrump rally, takes aim at mail-in voting Former NFL coach Mike Holmgren responded to Trump’s epidemic, endorsing Biden Trump’s support abroad amid domestic rejection.

Trump said the only way to get tied up with the former Vice President in Nevada is “if they screw with the ballots, which they would do in my opinion.”

Salos launched into Democrats and mail-in voting is nothing new to Trump. On several occasions, including recent rallies, the president has slowed down voting by mail, claiming that the voter practices elections for fraud. However, there is no firm evidence to suggest that mail-in voting leads to voter fraud.

The President also said that in Nevada “You do not have an authorized signature” on the mail-in ballots. According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, Ballots are rejected if the signatures on them do not match the signature on the file.

Trump campaign is Filed a lawsuit against Nevada Sisolak signed more than one bill this year with the aim of expanding mail-in voting before the November elections.

“He’s in control of millions of votes,” Trump said of Sisolak on Saturday … This is the guy we’re trusting with millions of ballots, unwanted ballots. ”

Elections are usually run by secretaries of state, not governors.