Trump does not remember exactly what his Tiktok deadline is

The clock is ticking for a tick. Or is it? Donald Trump does not know.

Trump had said in early August about the need for a serious connection to his Chinese parent company, ByteDance, or an app facing a ban in the US, but he clarified himself about the deadline set during talks with reporters did not do. On Thursday evening.

“We will either shut down Tikotok for security reasons in this country or it will be sold,” Trump said while waiting for one of his religion rallies to fly.

When questioned about a possible extension of Tickcock’s deadline to find new owners, Trump responded, “I’m not extending the deadline. No, it’s September 15. Any extension of Tickcock’s deadline. Will not done.”

There are just a few problems. For one, Trump has already approved the extension of the original deadline. And neither the original date nor the extended deadline falls on 15 September.

On August 6, Trump targeted Tickcock. The order barred anyone in the US from doing business with China’s parent company ByteDance, as the Chinese government involved potential security issues. Trump gave TikTok 45 days to find a US-based buyer.

August 6 to September is not forty five. 15. It is 20 September.

As he points out, Trump first referred to September 15 before discussing the deadline for the Tricque takeover.

Before signing the executive order, Trump said, “I set a date for September 15, at which point it’s going out of business in the United States.”

Ahh, “Everywhere 15 September! “You say, probably want to give him the benefit of the doubt. Definitely, fine. Without signing Trump one more After the last one week, up to 90 days … Executive order well into November.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is the man who imposed an ultimatum on TikTok: cut ties with his Chinese parent company, BuyDance, and sell the US-based organization or Your viral video app will be banned in the states. It seems accurate for Trump on which date the deadline ends. This seems like a very important detail.

On September 12, officially, on paper, that deadline is about a month and a half away. Perhaps Trump will or will remember this extension before September 15. Or else there would be a good chance to wake up on the morning of 15 September and Tiktok’s announcement would be banned … though it wouldn’t be.

Or perhaps none of these dates even matter. Tickcock is currently banned. Legal experts also have a say in whether the US government also has the ability to ban the app. China has indicated to do everything in its power.

However one thing is clear: At the moment, Tiktok’s future in the US is very unclear.