Trump did not issue an executive order today, here’s what he said about unemployment benefits, payroll tax cuts, aviation mortuary and student loans

Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on a second stimulus package, and Congress was unable to provide a second stimulus aid on its own deadline.

Trump wants to address the stimulus case by taking things into his own hands through executive orders. In his speech today, he made it clear that if policy makers do not resolve the issue of another stimulus package, they will. He said, “If the Democrats continue this significant relief, I will work under my authority as president so that the Americans can get their relief.”

It is important to mention that Trump has previously stated that he can issue an executive order today to address a second stimulus aid package. From a legal standpoint, it is still unclear whether he can do so.

But now it seems as if he is relying on his administration. Trump has some hope from policymakers who are involved in this negotiation process.

“My administration continues to work with good faith to reach an agreement with the Democrats in Congress that will extend unemployment benefits to provide protection against evictions,” Trump said.

Trump continued to blame Democrats for not agreeing to a second stimulus package. He said, “Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer continue to insist on radical leftist policies that have nothing to do with China’s virus. So, you have a virus that comes in, and you are such people in Congress Who don’t want to. ” Help our people. “

He again blamed China for the coronovirus crisis in the US He said, “We were infected with the disease from China.”

Here are some details on how executive orders, if executed, will address payroll tax deferrals, unemployment benefits, eviction moratoriums and student loan issues.

Payroll tax diff

Trump made some important announcements that could be under the executive order of his president. He said, “We are going to move the payroll tax by the end of the year, and it will be retroactive on July 1. So, we are going to go back on July 1, and it will be the end of the payroll tax. At the end of the year, It can be increased. “

Unemployment benefits to be extended by the end of 2020

If Trump executes the executive order, he plans to expand unemployment benefits by the end of 2020. “We are going to increase unemployment benefits by the end of the year,” he said.

Student loan will be different, interest rates will be waived

If executed, Trump will defer student loan payments under the presidential executive order and waive interest payments until further notice. This is definitely a big one for students.

Moratorium on evidence

Trump also talked about the expulsion adjournment. For him, it is unfair, “People are evicted, not their fault.” He said he would extend the eviction postponement.


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