Trump did not disclose the first positive Kovid-19 test while waiting for the second test on Thursday.

Washington – President Trump did not reveal a positive result from a rapid test for Kovid-19 on Thursday, while awaiting conclusions from more intensive coronovirus screening, according to people familiar with the case.

Mr. Trump received a positive result Thursday evening before making an appearance on Fox News in which he did not reveal those results. Instead, he confirmed earlier reports that one of his top aides had tested positive for coronovirus and referred to a second test he had done that night for which he was awaiting results.

During the interview, Mr. Trump said, “I will return my test tonight or tomorrow morning.” At 1pm on Friday, the president tweeted that he had indeed tested positive.

Under White House protocol, the more reliable test that screens a sample deeper into the nasal passage reveals only a faster test positive reading. Based on people familiar with the case, the president’s trials followed that protocol.

As the virus spread to those closest to him, Mr. Trump told an advisor not to disclose the results of his own positive tests. According to a person familiar with the conversation, “Trump told no one”.

Mr. Trump and his top advisers also aimed to keep such a deep grip on early positive results that his campaign manager, Bill Stephen, was unaware that Hope Hicks, one of the president’s closest White House aides, on Thursday According to the person familiar with the matter, by the evening after the morning news had tested positive. The Trump campaign said on Friday evening that Mr. Stephen had tested positive.

The initial secrecy within Mr. Trump’s inner circle has led to a sense of concern within the West Wing. Publicly, the White House has issued developing and contradictory statements about the president’s health, with some officials worried about his own credibility.

“I am very sorry about Twitter and TV because I have no official communication with anyone in the West Wing,” an administration official said.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The lack of clear communication about who is getting the virus has increased the report on the president’s status as he is undergoing treatment.

At a press briefing on Saturday, the president, who has been hospitalized at Walter Reed Medical Center since Friday, posed as a White House physician, Drs. Sean Conley told reporters that his symptoms were improving. Minutes later, Mr. Trump became concerned when another person familiar with the situation warned reporters that Mr. Trump’s recent situation had been reported. The enraged President hurriedly calls a consultant from his hospital room.

“Who said that F?” Mr. Trump made the demand, according to a person familiar with the call. The Associated Press later identified the man as White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

The president’s doctors said Sunday that his condition was improving and that he could be discharged from the hospital as early as Monday, but also said he was taking commonly recommended steroids for serious cases.

The blistering revelations began Thursday evening when Mr. Trump confirmed in a telephone interview with Fox News that one of his closest aides, Ms. Hicks, had tested positive that day, adding: “I just heard about it is.” CBS News first reported that by that time, Mr. Trump had received his positive result on the rapid test.

But Ms. Hicks had learned of her own positive test result that morning, and according to people familiar with the case, the information was kept in a tight circle of counselors. The results of Ms. Hicks’ positive test were first reported by Bloomberg News that evening. The White House did not make any official statement on Ms. Hope’s positive test.

A campaign official said that Mr. Stephen and the rest of Trump’s campaign first learned from Bloomberg News about Ms. Hicks’ positive test and did not advise to proceed to New Jersey on Thursday.

The White House has said the operation team considered the trip safe. According to a person familiar with the case, the president had tested negative that morning on an intense test. Mr. Meadows has said that the White House came to know about Ms. Hicks’ results as Marine One was leaving for New Jersey, adding that the administration removed some advisors from the trip. The President left the White House just after 1 pm that day.

The decision not to cancel the New Jersey trip drew severe criticism from health experts. Lisa M., a public-health specialist at Virginia Tech University specializing in infectious-disease epidemiology and public-health ethics. Lee said, “Wearable [Bedminster] Despite knowing that one of the team was infected and exposed the others, it was a recipe for spreading the disease. ”

White House officials said their medical team is conducting contact tracing for employees who tested positive, but uncertainty has also been affected in that process, people familiar with the case said. Public health experts said contact tracing is an important step to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

Mr Trump and his senior advisers have been gaining importance for keeping the virus at bay, using other means – safe distance and undercover – rarely following their normal schedule for much of last week. In some examples, the protocol was followed. At the events in New Jersey, attendees had to test negative, complete a wellness questionnaire and pass a temperature screening. Guests were placed 6 feet from the President.

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie said on Friday that he came to know about the initial positive tests at the White House on Thursday through news reports. Despite spending much time with Mr. Trump in the past week, no one contacted him.

Mr. Christie tested positive for the virus on Saturday, he said on Twitter, and tested himself hours later at Morristown Medical Center.

Mr. Christie was part of a debate preparation team that met with Mr. Trump on the morning of September 26, including former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway and Mr. Stephen. All four have tested positive. The White House usually tests anyone speedily who will be close to the president.

Others participating in the debate exercise have reported negative Kovid-19 trials, including former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and senior campaign consultant Jason Miller. Mr. Giuliani said he learned of Ms. Hicks’ positive test from news reports, although she received a call from Mr. Meadows when the president tested positive.

President Trump’s program included a Rose Garden incident, a presidential debate, and a tour of three states the week before Kovid-19’s diagnosis. Photo: Getty Image

Mr. Christie and Ms. Conway were among hundreds of guests later that afternoon at a White House event where Mr. Trump announced Judge Amy Connie Barrett as the latest Supreme Court nominee. Some guests wore masks as they sat shoulder to shoulder in the Rose Garden or gathered inside the White House, where an ad hoc reception line emerged at one point as guests met or escorted Judge Barrett Were waiting for Several other guests have tested positive.

Minnesota State Representative. Kurt Dudt said he was awaiting the Kovid-19 test on Saturday after greeting Mr. Trump at the Minneapolis Airport. Before meeting the President, Mr. Dude and the other greeters were tested, and were instructed not to shake hands with them or move close to them, but when the president descended the stairs from the plane, he offered to take a photo.

“You’ve been tested, haven’t you?” Mr. Trump said, according to Mr. Daudt.

According to photos from the incident, many greeters took photographs with the president, while some stood less than a foot away from him. Nobody wore a mask. Mr. Trump attended a fundraiser at the home of Mike Davis, the owner of the quartz countertop company, according to his campaign schedule.

Ms. Hicks fell ill when Air Force One departed Minneapolis for a campaign rally in Duluth, a person familiar with the matter said. He separated himself from another ally for a short flight and returned home from a flight to Washington again that night.

White House press secretary Kayle McNee held a press conference with reporters Thursday morning, unaware that her colleague had tested positive earlier that day, a private person familiar with the matter said. She traveled with Ms. Hicks on Wednesday and Tuesday.

He later completed the briefing, and about 45 minutes before the president left for New Jersey, he was told that he was no longer involved with the president at the White House entrance, which was in the afternoon in Bedminster, New Jersey. Nidhi was supposed to fly, but did not give any reason why, according to the same person. The person said that it was not known until later that afternoon that Ms. Hicks had tested positive, the person said.

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