Trump did a ‘total nut job’ after calling Carl Bernstein the ‘homicidal’ legend of Watergate.

It is safe to assume that President Trump will not see “all presidential men” anytime soon.

On Tuesday, Trump slammed CNN’s Carl Bernstein as a “nut job” after a Watergate reporter dubbed him a “homosexual president” famous for organizing an indoor rally amidst the coronovirus epidemic.

“I mean, I know Carl Bernstein a little bit, he’s a nut job. He’s been a nut job for years,” Trump said Tuesday morning during a live phone interview on “Fox & Friends.” .

Carl Bernstein of CNN is, according to President Trump, “a total nut job”.

“I don’t have a lot of respect for both of them,” Trump said, referring to Bernstein and his Watergate reporting partner Bob Woodward.

The woodwork climes he makes public with his hands

“That was a total nut job and I look at him,” Trump continued. “He will say anything. No matter what you did. Like today, I’m doing a lot with Israel … Whatever you do, with fake news, it doesn’t matter. ”

Trump then spent a moment condemning the mainstream media for reporting him on Bernstein before returning to his nomination for a pair of Nobel Peace Prizes.

Carl Bernstein is a dummy. He is a dumb man and Woodward’s book, last night I read it, it’s like a light read and he doesn’t get it. When my policies are correct, as they have … The [Woodward] The book was really boring, I have to tell you, ”Trump said.

Since the MCENANY-associated trophy, travelers have come to know that ‘Coronavirus’ has been established,’ Please download it in its entirety.

Trump was upset by remarks made on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Monday night, when asked about Trump’s decision to hold Indonesian rallies.

“We are very clear in what we are seeing here, we are calling a gay president, purposefully, a gay congregation to help him get re-elected as president of the United States, rather than helping the health of the United States and Helps protect welfare. Bernstein said that includes supporters, including those whose lives he is willing to sacrifice.

What was done in the history of the Washington Post?

“Here is this president, who has stolen part of his presidency, especially on the right to life of the unborn, and every day he has sacrificed the lives of thousands of Americans as he honestly, honestly, tackles the most serious domestic crisis Not ready for. Our post-war history in this country, “Bernstein continued. He said,” He discharged his responsibility and the result is the most horrific felony committed by any president in our history, probably , And now we see it tonight in front of us, it is the House of Assembly that the President of the United States has called his supporters the Lamb of Sacrifice. It is amazing. ”

As the famous “Woodward and Bernstein” second half reports, Trump is upset that Woodward’s upcoming book “Rage” portrays him in a negative light.

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Trump has spoken with Woodward 18 times and the author has been slowing down audio clips from his conversations that have resulted in Trump being criticized for his reaction to the coronovirus epidemic.

Woodward was also criticized for not releasing the audio soon, but said he did nothing wrong.