Trump described part of ‘cancell culture’

NEW YORK (AP) – The PGA canceled its tournament at its golf course. Banks say that they will no longer give him a loan. New York City wants to terminate its contract to operate the Central Park skating rink.

Hits for President Donald Trump’s business empire have been part of a liberal “canceled culture” since the deadly riots in the US Capitol, his son Eric told The Associated Press on Tuesday, saying his father would leave the presidency backed by a powerful brand . Millions of voters who would follow him “to the ends of the earth.”

“We live in an era of canceled culture, but this is not something that started this week. It’s something they’ve been doing for us and others for years,” said Trump, who is his brother, Donald Along with Junior, his family has been running the company since his father took office four years ago. “If you disagree with them, if they don’t like you, they try and cancel you.”

Violent riots erupted over the Capitol last week by thousands of supporters of the president seeking to prevent lawmakers from confirming Biden’s presidential election victory, comments made during an extended interview for the AP in an interview I.

Trump stirred up the crowd, the crowd said, after America’s PGA voted to snatch the championship of his name from Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey, golf course next year, a British golf organization said the British Open was in Trump’s property Will not be played for “future”. , “E-commerce company Shopify has stopped helping run the Trump Store online, and New York City announced it was looking to cancel the contract with Trump and for a golf course in the Bronx.

Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio said, “The president cited a rebellion against the United States government, an apparently unconstitutional act.” “It is unforgivable.

And potentially the most disturbing of all, several banks, including one of its largest lenders, Deutsche Bank, reportedly said they would no longer lend to Trump’s company, raising the possibility that the president May have to dig into their pocket to pay. Loan if he cannot refinance.

New York’s Signature Bank, once close to Trump, said one bank said, “We saw the president of the United States to encourage rioters and refrain from calling on Congress to protect Congress in the performance of its duty . ” Its daughter Ivanka on its board.

Eric Trump seemed unaffected but combative as he spoke on the phone from his office in Trump Tower. He described Hits as not a major threat to a company that has minimal debt – $ 400 million against billions of dollars of assets – and can always tap on its vast real estate holdings for cash, not To mention the loyalty of those who cling to the President.

Eric Trump said, “You have a man who will be chased by a hundred million Americans to the ends of the earth.” “He created the largest political movement in American history and his opportunities are endless.”

Despite the limited data available to his private company, the Trump Organization’s golf properties may reveal other parts of his business as well.

Its two Scottish golf courses have been losing money for years, having to bid farewell to more than 1,000 workers due to coronavirus last year, the prices of condos in Trump residential buildings have fallen sharply and the company failed in its plan to sell one Its Most Famous Assets, Trump International Hotel in Washington DC

A man who does business with members at Trump’s Golf Club in Bedminster said that many members are thinking about freezing their membership after the Capitol riots, and it will be difficult for new members to join.

“They don’t want to be publicly embarrassed to be members of their golf clubs,” said the man, who requested anonymity because he doesn’t want to lose his clients’ business. “Do you think a man who works for a financial firm or pharmaceutical company wants to see his picture in the paper?”

Along with his father, Eric Trump spoke to the crowd on 6 January, before many of them arrived at the Capitol, pushed over obstacles, attacked police, vandalized the building and released five people.

“There is some backbone. Show some fight. Learn from Donald Trump, “Eric Trump told him” before urging him to march on the Capitol. “

President Trump said during a visit to the border wall in Texas on Tuesday that he had taken no responsibility for thwarting the rebellion and warned that his comments that attempts to ban him would only further divide the country Threatened, “which is very dangerous.”

Asked directly in his interview whether he felt his father instigated the mob, Eric Trump stopped and then Rekha went dead.


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