Trump corrupt media awards: Why some experts are looking to win

It's an obvious trick, a finger in the collective eye of the media, and the president's fanatics will love it.

Also, Donald Trump will get the press to cover it (which I guess I'm doing right now).

At a time when he is at open war with Steve Bannon, when he is under fire for telling Kim Jong-un that he has a bigger nuclear button, the former star of the reality show is going to turn the tide in an industry that Honors good journalism with Pulitzers and Emmys.

While the president tweeted:

"I will announce THE MOST DISHONEST AND CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR on Monday at 5:00 o'clock, Themes will cover Dishonesty and bad reports in various categories of the False Media News. Stay tuned! "

But will the stories that will be recognized be" false "or just unfavorable to the White House? Does anyone doubt that Trump's constant goals such as CNN and the New York Times will be among the "winners"?

Or that the recipients -except in cases where they have had to retract from obviously false stories- will use a prize as a badge of honor?

In fact, Stephen Colbert, the most anti-Trump anti-Trump comic late at night, is looking for a prize. He bought a Times Square billboard that says, in the style of the Oscars, "For Your Consideration," and lists the fun reasons why he should be honored. These include "Outstanding Achievement in Talking about George Talos Points" and "Least Breitbarty".

"Nothing gives him more credibility in the business than Donald Trump calling him a liar," the "Late Show" host told his CBS viewers. .

The "Daily Show" by Trevor Noah also has a graphic for consideration on his Twitter account.

I do not think this will win the president a single vote or advance his agenda an inch. It's more like that fight video in which Trump hits a guy with a CNN boss, something that will excite his base, which already distrusts the press and adores the president's media attacks.

Trump thinks of his presidency as the hour-by-hour exercise in programming, which is clear from his Twitter feed and how he leads the coverage to new issues, say, the NFL protesters, when he wants to change the storyline The awards for dishonesty of Trump's media are likely to be a problem, but you will undoubtedly enjoy every minute of coverage they generate.

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