Trump continues to lie about how the US Kovid is compared to other countries.

President Donald Trump’s rally in Freeland, Michigan, on Thursday reported that his coronovirus campaign message is basically a lot of lies and that voters are hopeful that they don’t pay attention or don’t care.

The rally took place on the day that 36,000 new cases were reported across the country – nearly 1,900 more than reported in Germany, 500 in Japan, or 600 in Canada. More than 1,100 Kovid-19 deaths occurred in the US on Thursday, compared to 25 in France, 71 in Spain, and four in South Korea. In the last one week, out of European and Asian countries, only Spain has averaged more daily cases per 100,000 people than the US.

Yet Trump tried to convince his supporters, who fell in the airplane hangar Without social distance and with very little masks, That things are going very well here.

“We are circling,” Trump said. “You see what is happening, you see the number is decreasing. You see how well we are doing relative to other countries and other parts of the world, but fake news doesn’t like to say that That they are telling you this. “

Later, Trump absurdly compared his coronovirus reaction with Winston Churchill’s handling of the UK’s public disposition during World War II and claimed, “We have probably done the best job, certainly any” Major countries, anywhere in the world on the epidemic. ”

While daily new cases in the US have steadily declined from a peak of over 70,000 in mid-July, it is not the case that the numbers are “sinking”, and it is possible that they will resume for some schools. Person instructions and reopen states like Florida.

The Trump campaigns are not helping matters by holding rallies that double as potential superspreader events. But more broadly, his attempt to tell people that other countries are jealous of the coronovirus response represents a particularly arrogant attempt to turn oversown over his head to reality.

As my colleague German Lopez detailed this week, if the US had the same death rate as the European Union, about 84,000 of the more than 190,000 Americans who have now died would likely survive. And if the US had the same death rate as Canada, 109,000 Americans would still be alive.

The key figure to put things in context is that despite being home to only 4 percent of the world’s people, America has endured 22 percent of the world’s coronovirus deaths. But the extent to which Trump engages with coronovirus data is Cherie’s habit of revealing inaccurate and misleading numbers of high mortality rates or Case fatality rate So that it is possible to portray things in the light.

Trump’s PR campaign is easily based on untrue lies

Trump’s Michigan rally came hours after a news conference, in which he did one more thing about the Kovid-19, saying his various misleading things: saying how bad the US situation is by claiming in other countries.

“If you look at the European Union right now, they’re the breakout ones you’ve never seen before,” Trump said. “Frankly, their number is at a level which is much worse than the number here. We have done so much more than the European Union… we have taken the final turn. ”

Not only has the US done better than the European Union, but as the following chart shows, the death rate here is almost double.

Our world in data

With the election less than two months away, Trump’s coronovirus response is now little more than a public relations campaign. He is hoping that a vaccine will be available sometime in the coming months, and he is trying to convince people that the meanwhile is down.

Instead of applauding Democratic governors like Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who implemented public health measures that help reverse outbreaks under control, Trump is traveling to his states, already on his economies. And not completely reopening schools and organizing campaign events that make fun of them. Social distinctions and the importance of wearing a mask can further reduce future outbreaks.

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