Trump confirmed that another White House staffer tested positive for COVID-19

President TrumpDonald John Trumptrump says he doesn’t think he could have done more to stop the virus from spreading. Conservative activist Lauren Witzke made the GOP Senate in Delaware Trump preliminarily claim the coronovirus’s claim would disappear, ‘heretics Citing ‘mentality’. On Wednesday it was confirmed that a White House staffer tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, but said he had no contact with anyone.

The White House tested positive after hosting hundreds of people in the South Lawn on Tuesday to sign a peace deal to mark the normalization of relations between Israel and the two Arab countries. Trump presented some details on the latest positive case in the White House.

“Last night I heard about it for the first time, and that’s a very small number of cases,” Trump told reporters at a press conference, unfamiliar with the nuances.

He turned to Press Secretary Kayle McNee, who told reporters on the first day that he would not discuss any possible positive tests within the building. She confirmed in the evening briefing that an unknown person tested positive, but that “it did not affect the incident and the press was not around the person.”

“And that’s nobody that I had,” Trump said.

The White House has not made public every individual case of COVID-19 among employees, although they were reported to the press after some were confirmed. National Security Advisor Robert o bryanRobert O’Brien asked DHS to reconsider the expanded investigation following the whistleblower complaint, rejecting additional interview requests Trump officials defended the president’s coronovirus response. Is already COVID-19. So is a White House valet serving the president and wife of Katy Miller, vice president’s communications director and Trump’s senior adviser Stephen millerStephen Miller Biden Pique created uproar, underlining bitterness about Obama’s immigration policy ambassador to France, saying Trump never quit war, White House officials voted to vote on 2018 family separation:.

The latest positive test comes weeks after the White House vetoed guidelines from its public health officials on stopping the transmission of COVID-19.

Authorities have avoided wearing masks, and the president has held large events for weeks, dating back to the Republican National Convention last month, where hundreds were packed together during his speech to accept the nomination .

The president held a packed campaign rally Sunday that was indoors and tapped events on 50 people in violation of a Nevada ordinance. The governor Steve SisolakSteve Sisolkatrump says he is not worried about the coronovirus contract at rallies. At the indoor rally, Pence says Wisconsin runs elections through Fox anchor, Trump aide at indoor rally: ‘It goes against the president’s own administration guidelines’ More (D) described Trump’s actions as “shameful, dangerous and irresponsible.”