Trump claims that the worsening American outbreak is a ‘fake news media conspiracy’, even from hospitalization

US President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in New Hampshire, London on October 25, 2020.

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President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that the outbreak of the worsening coronovirus in the United States is a “fake news media conspiracy”, stating that the nation only has the highest number of cases in the world because “we test, test, test.”

“A conspiracy of corruption in high media all the time,” Trump said in a tweet on Monday morning. “On November 4, the subject will change completely,” he recounted the next day of the presidential election.

Trump’s tweet came as the US is reporting a record-breaking number of new coronovirus cases. According to a CNBC analysis of Hopkins data, on Sunday, the nation recorded an average of about 68,767 new cases, the highest seven-day average ever recorded. According to Hopkins data, 16,789 new Kovid cases were reported, with daily cases reaching 83,757 on Friday, passing the last record of 77,300 cases seen on 16 July.

Trump, who tested positive for the virus earlier this month, repeatedly removed the virus and insisted that the U.S. has more cases than any other country because the nation tests more people . But public health officials and infectious disease experts disputed the claim, stating that the rate of testing is positive and hospitalization is increasing in many states.

According to Hopkins, the overall US positivity rate, or the percentage of Kovid-19 tests that come out positive, is 6.2%, up from about 5.2% the previous week. Illinois, where businesses are hanging out for new coronovirus restrictions due to an increase in new covid cases, has a positivity of 6.3%. Wisconsin, which has a record high Sunday average daily cases, has a positivity rate of 16%. Kentucky, another state that hits a new high, has a positivity rate of 8.4%.

According to a CNBC analysis of data collected by the Kovid Tracking Project, Kovid-19 hospitals in 34 states were growing by 5% or more on Sunday. Fifteen states have set hospitalization records. El Paso County in Texas imposed curfew after the ICU reached full capacity in the area. Hospital growth can be particularly severe as the nation enters the flu season and more people seek treatment, medical experts warn.

The Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adnom Ghibayius, said that many countries are seeing a rapid increase in cases and now hospitals and ICUs are running above or over capacity and we are still in October. While briefing on Friday. “We are at a turning point in this epidemic, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere,” he said.

Tedros said “now the time has doubled” and to take quick action for the incoming groups. “We urge leaders to take immediate action to prevent further unnecessary deaths, from collapsing essential health services and to closing schools again,” he said. “This is not a drill.”

Trump’s former Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, Drs. Scott Gottlieb warned that the US is at “a tipping point” in its epidemic. “We are likely to see a very dense epidemic. I think we are just now on the cusp of what is going to spread to parts of the country,” Gottlieb said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Monday.

Public health officials and medical experts also say an uncontrolled virus through the fall and winter months could lead to a sharp increase in deaths. The coronovirus model of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, once cited by the White House, now causes more than 385,600 Kovid-19 deaths by February. 1. If the mandates in the state are relaxed, then the face can be spoiled.

J., deputy director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. “I know that we are all tired of the impact Kovid-19 has had on our lives,” Butler told reporters in a call Wednesday. “We are tired of wearing masks, but this is as important as it has ever been and I would say more important than moving forward in the fall season.”


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