Trump claims that coronovirus vaccine may be given soon: ‘You may be very surprised’

President Trump claimed on Monday that a coronavirus vaccine could be given by October, saying it would be “very safe and effective.”

During a Labor Day press conference Monday at the White House, the president announced his administration’s “Operation Taunting Motion” program, a public-private partnership he announced in May, of a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus Will produce


“We are a complete leader in every way,” Trump said on Monday. “Under my leadership, we will produce a vaccine in record time.”

The president claimed that the vaccine “may be available in the month of October.”

“The vaccine will be very safe and effective,” he continued. “People will be happy, people of the world will be happy.”

“You might be a huge surprise,” Trump said on Monday, referring to the vaccine.

The president has repeatedly stated that the vaccine will be available by the end of the year, but his comments suggest a possible vaccine against COVID-19 may be available to the public before the election in November.

The president pulled Democrats, claiming they were “disliking” the vaccine.

“This is the opposite of all lies. They are political lies, ”Trump said. “And it is very dangerous for our country.”

He said: “The vaccine will be very safe and very effective.”

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Trump gave the slogan to Democrats, saying they should “apologize for the careless anti-vaccine rhetoric,” which he said “undermines science and what is happening.”

“It’s a fake rhetoric and a political rhetoric,” he said.

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