Trump Celebrates Last 36 Hours in Late Night Charge

“Sources say that tomorrow, on his final full day in office, the president is set to issue nearly 100 pardons and ruckus. Why so many? By the way, there is reportedly a lucrative market for pardons. In the end, POTUS is a Running a business that makes money. ” – Stephen Hill

“He’s calling it ‘The Olive Pardon’. When you’re here, you’re a crime family.” – Stephen Hill

“President Trump is reportedly planning to issue at least 100 pardons and ruckus tomorrow. He said he wants to give a lot so that it becomes even more cheerful when Giuliani does not get one. ” – Set Meyers

“You can really forgive Trump who will forgive for real. And you know who the favorite person is, celebrity-wise? Lil Wayne, Trump’s friend. They bonded in a mutual love of hip-hop and cuff syrup. ” – Jimmy Kimmel

“During his final hours in office, Trump plans to issue a pardon, but is informed that it is not going to pardon himself or his family members. Trump is the only president in history to pardon himself. You decide not to and you immediately think, ‘What is he doing?’ – Jimmy Fellow

“I am not surprised that Trump did not forgive himself today because then he will be responsible for whatever he does tomorrow.” – Jimmy Fellow

“Yes, Trump will not forgive his family. It is actually a type of dessert – Trump told his children, ‘When I go down for tax fraud, I want you all to be in jail with me.’ ‘ – Jimmy Fellow

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