Trump captured local Nevada race to raise suspicion of widespread problem

President Trump called Nevada’s Clark County decision not to authenticate in his local race because of several discrepancies “a major victory” and suggested the issue could be evidence of a broader problem in the state.

Trump tweeted, “Great victory moments in the state of Nevada.” “All Democrats were thrown out of the county commissioner race, just because of the massive voter discrepancy” on the same ballot as president. Clark County officials do not trust their election security. deep Impact!”

The race in question was for the Clark County Commission District C, which makes up about 1/6 of the total votes cast in the state’s most populous counties. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the race was between Stavos Anthony, a Republican counselor from Las Vegas, and Democratic State Secretary Ross Miller.

Miller won by 10 of the more than 153,000 votes cast, but the paper reported that the county’s Office of the Registrar of Voters determined that 139 ballots were enough to swing the race — which contained discrepancies.


The head of the registrar’s office, Joe Gloria, revealed on Monday that 936 out of nearly 975,000 votes had a rough issue. The commission certified the election results in the county, district c. In addition to Gloria, elected county commissioners were also told that officials identified six people who voted twice in the Las Vegas area.

Joe Biden cast 50.06% of the vote in the state, compared to Trump’s 47.67%. The commission accepted the results of the Gloria result of 977,185 ballots cast in the Biden-Trump race.

Communications director for the county, Eric Pappas, misunderstood Trump’s tweet and said the discrepancies were limited to one local race.

Nevada State Democratic Party Communications Director Molly Forgey tweeted that Trump and his supporters on social media are working to “spin” the story because they can’t control the fact that Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris will The next president and vice president.

Trump insisted that he be declared the winner of the presidential election and said that it is necessary to ensure that every legal vote is counted.

Richard Grenell, the former acting director of the National Intelligence Department, responded to Fourzi’s tweet, and said the Nevada Democrat Party is in “full panic mode”.

“Clark County threw out entire race due to fraud,” he tweeted. “Ballots from across the county are now questionable – and the Democrat Party is dropping out.”

Trump and his legal team have challenged election results in several major swing states, saying they are building their case.

Georgia’s Floyd County previously announced it had found more than 2,600 ballots that have not been tallied, and Secretary of State for State Brad Raffensper put the issue on election officials in uploading votes from a memory card into a ballot-scanning machine Convicted of failing.

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The search is expected to get Trump an additional 800 votes. Biden tops out at around 14,000.

Fox News’ Bradford Betz and the Associated Press contributed to this report

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