Trump canceled the first pitch with the Yankees – but the Yankees reportedly did not even invite him

How disenchanted President Donald Trump that Dr. Anthony Fauci threw the first pitch of the Major League Baseball season? Apparently nervous enough to make his first pitch.

The New York Times reported late Monday that when Trump said during a briefing at the White House last Thursday that he would throw out the first pitch at the New York Yankees game on August 15, it was news to everyone – including the Yankees Were.

According to the Times, Trump was very annoyed with the spotlight on Fawsey – who threw the first pitch on the Washington National’s season opener on Thursday evening – saying that he had his colleagues in the upcoming Yankees to schedule their first pitch Told you the game. The Times said that while Yankees President Randy Levine had in the past given an open invitation for Trump to round out the first pitch, nothing was finalized, and both the Yankees and Trump’s staff were surprised by the announcement.

The aide later reported that Trump had already been booked for August 15, the Times said, and Trump canceled in a tweet on Sunday. It was unclear what is on their schedule for that date.

“Due to my strong focus on the China virus, including scheduled meetings on vaccines, our economy and more, I won’t be in New York to throw out the opening pitch for @Yankees on August 15,” Trump tweeted After spending the weekend at his New Jersey golf course. “We’ll make it later in the season!”

Trump has not thrown a formal opening day first pitch, not the first president to do so after Jimmy Carter.

The Times reported that relations between Trump and Fauci, the country’s most contagious disease specialist, remain tense, primarily because Fauci’s attention has drawn attention from the national media.

It probably won’t help Fauci’s reason that his limited-edition trading card from Opening Day set an all-time sales record by Topps.

As Fauci’s first pitch, he told the Times how bad he was, and said he was hurt by his hand practice. When asked if he had advice for Trump to do, he said it should be thrown “high” with “big scaffolding”.

“The worst thing is the boom as I did,” Fauci said.


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