Trump campaign stops Mississippi group, saying it supports legalizing medical marijuana

President Trump’s campaign in Mississippi stalled a marijuana advocacy group, saying the president supports a ballot measure that would legalize medical marijuana in the state.

NBC News reports the Mississippi for Compassionate Care for Mississippi, a group promoting initiative 65 to legalize medical marijuana.

The group paid for a letter signed by notable Republicans in the state and wrote on the outside of the envelope, “Join President Trump and 3 of 4 Mississippi Republicans who support medical marijuana.”

The letter also stated, “President Trump supports medical marijuana … and allows states to decide on that issue.”

Michael Glasser, the chief operating officer for the Trump campaign, sent a cease-fire letter to the marijuana advocacy group on October 12, along with opponents of the initiative.

“This unauthorized use of the president’s name in support of his group’s cause is inappropriate for Mississippi voters who may have been prompted by President Trump to vote ‘yes’ on the false belief supporting the measure,” Glasser wrote.

“Therefore, we must be clear about this: President Trump has never stated his support for the passage of Initiative 65 or the legalization of medical marijuana in Mississippi,” the letter confirmed.

Jamie Grantham, communications director for the Mississippians for Compassionate Care, argued in a statement Tuesday that the marijuana advocacy group accurately portrayed Trump’s medical marijuana status.

Grantham said that “politicians and bureaucrats” against Pahl 65 clearly circled the letter from the Trump campaign. ”

“This is the latest example of the lengths to go to prevent any form of Mississippi,” Grantham said. “President Trump himself has stated that he supports medical marijuana and is letting states take decisions.”

If passed, the initiative would allow 65 patients to use medical marijuana to treat debilitating conditions under certification by physicians.

An alternative to the measure, initiative 65A, would also allow patients with debilitating conditions to use medical marijuana, although it says Mississippi would create a program based on “sound medical principles”.

On election day, voters will be presented with a two-step process for voting on 65 and 65A. The ballot instructs people to “vote for approval of either, or both” and then says, “and one for the vote” – either 65 or 65A.

Hill reached out for the Trump campaign, but did not immediately respond.


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