Trump campaign opposes themes of last presidential debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates also noted last month that arbitrators select questions of debate alone, and do not know the candidates and the Commission until they are asked on stage.

The commission Announced Friday that NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker, who will calm the debate, plans to focus on climate change, the coronavirus epidemic, race and national security, as well as abstract ideas such as “leadership” and “American families.”

The Trump campaign’s letter acknowledged that the topics were “worthy of discussion”, but said they were already covered during the first presidential debate last month. That debate, which was accompanied by unfiltered crostles and personal insults, prompted the commission to announce changes to the format of future debates so that the public could better understand the candidates’ positions.

Stephen accused the commission of barring Joey Biden, the Democratic nominee, from speaking about his foreign policy record. His letter removed Biden’s record from the post of Vice President and the repeated Trump campaign line that Biden used his office for personal financial gain from foreign artists. The Biden campaign has repeatedly dismissed the claim as a smear campaign.

Stephen’s letter states that the commission is completely irresponsible for the change in focus of this final debate a few days before the event, only to save Biden from his own history.

The letter also suggested that Trump was keen to postpone his own diplomatic successes in the debate, including overseeing a peace deal between Israel and Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

The Commission did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the presidential suit.

Trump and his campaign have often claimed that the commission is working to get Biden to work, especially after the organizers of the debate announced that the second presidential face would be held remotely. The decision relied largely on Trump’s positive coronovirus test, but the president refused to debate Biden via computer. Both candidates attended separate but overlapping town halls.

Trump has also personally mocked the arbitrators of the debate, claiming that they are biased against him. She went after On Saturday, Velkar tweeted that he was “horrible and inappropriate.” Trump shared an article from the New York Post, claiming to expose the relationship between Welker and the Democratic Party, citing the Democratic candidates’ donations to their parents and previous registration with the party.

A NBC spokesperson later said Velkar was no longer affiliated with one party and pointed out that Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller called him a “very good” and “very good choice” to moderate the debate.

Christopher Cadelago contributed reporting.

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