Trump campaign defends first all-indoor rally in months

The Trump campaign defended its plan to hold an indoor rally in Nevada on Sunday, amid criticism from city officials and others on social media.

President Henderson is set to appear on Sundays in Nev., At a facility owned by Xtreme Manufacturing for an event that is expected to violate city rules against indoor ceremonies of more than 50 people. City officials have already warned the company that the incident could result in a $ 500 fine or suspension of a business license, according to CNN.

“The City of Henderson has issued a compliance letter and verbal warning to the event organizer that the planned event would be in direct violation of the Governor’s COVID-19 emergency directives. Specifically, more than 50 people in a private or public setting The gathering of. Is prohibited, “a city official told CNN.

“Large live events must be approved by the Nevada Department of Trade and Industry, Division of Industrial Relations and at this time, the city has not been informed that the event has been approved. The city will face fines of up to $ 500 per violation. Can assess. Business licenses are suspended or revoked along with the Governor’s instructions, “he said.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign fired back.

Trump’s spokesman said, “If you can join the thousands of people demonstrating on the streets, gambling in a casino or burning small businesses in riots, then you can hear from the President of the United States. May assemble peacefully under the 1st Amendment ”Tim Murtah told reporters.

Campaign officials said all attendees would be masked and “encouraged” to wear them. According to the campaign all guests will be subjected to temperature checks.

The campaign has faced criticism from some on social media, which comes as Nevada has seen the number of new COVID-19 cases of drop per day in recent weeks, though the state still has per day Reporting over 100 new cases.

The Trump campaign has been doing outdoor rallies since a controversial indoor rally in Tulsa, Okla., In June.