Trump campaign asks court to stop early ballot counting in Nevada

The Trump campaign and the Nevada GOP sued the Nevada secretary of state and Clark County registrar Friday to stop counting early mail-in ballots in the Las Vegas area to reduce vote-counting toward Election Day The latest were Republican efforts.

The lawsuit has been filed less than two weeks before Nov. 3, with observers saying they can’t get close to activists and machines as they vote in Nevada’s largest and most Democratic counties, including the city of Las Vegas also includes.

Republicans are arguing that observers cannot confirm that votes receive second and third stage verification, warning that the situation runs the risk of allowing fraudulent votes to be tabulated. They also complain that the offer to pay for the cameras during the counting facility in question – enabled observers to watch the tallying while following social away directions.

The lawsuit’s central argument rests on the allegation that Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria did not seek appropriate approval from Secretary of State Barbara Segwske (R) in April for his proposal to accommodate observers.

“Gloria must make meaningful observations to ensure transparency and integrity in the election process. Because he has timely refused to provide the Secretary with a plan for his approval, the petitioners have demanded from this Honorable Court that the Secretary be ordered to issue an approved plan for Clark County that provides immediate, meaningful observation. Assures, “the plaintiff wrote.

“In the alternative, petitioners request that the court prohibit Clark County from processing and counting ballots until appropriate procedures are in place to ensure transparency and integrity in all parts of the process.”

Judge James Wilson in Carson City later decided not to issue an immediate order to stop the count, but set a hearing date on the issue to be held next Wednesday.

Only the latest to be brought by trial President TrumpDonald John Trumpiwanka Trump, Jared Kusher’s lawyer, threatened to sue the CEO of Facebook, Twitter on Times Square against the Lincoln Project, to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on 17 November. 17 Sanders hit back at Trump’s attack in ‘socialized medicine’ And his allies in states across the country try to stop vote-counting in the lead-up to the election.

Various lawsuits have pushed for the scraping of the ballot drop-off box, limiting the time frame in which votes can be cast and counted, increasing scrutiny over supposed signature mismatches and more. Lawsuits have been put out in the name of fraud prevention, although studies show voter fraud is incredibly rare.

Nevada is one of the smaller states where the Trump campaign has gone into crime, looking to clinch a win for president in a state he lost by only 2 points in 2016, although observers have expressed doubts as to whether Silver State is to play this cycle.

Approximately 160,000 more Democrats are registered in Clark County than the Republic, which claims more than 70 percent of the state’s total voters,

President Trump has been contesting free, fair, transparent elections for a long time. Today he fights Nevada election officials, who would prefer to do so in a transparent manner, rather than explicitly avoiding accountability and hiding the processing of ballots and counting behind closed doors, as required by law, “Matthew Morgan Said, Trump campaign general counsel.

“Transparency is paramount to ensuring Nevadans the right to free and fair elections. Nevada Republican Party President Michael J. McDonald said all voters should be upset over Clark County’s ballot matches and allowing people to follow their low standards for signature.

The Nevada Democratic Party dismissed the lawsuit as an attempt by Republicans to suppress the vote, presenting it as a “dropper play”.

“This lawsuit by Trump and the Republicans is nothing more than a blatant attempt to disrupt record-breaking momentum in Clark County, the state’s most diverse county,” Nevada State Democratic Party President William McCready said. “Demands expressed in litigation amount to voter suppression, plain and simple GOP.”


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