Trump campaign announces lawsuit to stop counting in Nevada

LAS VEGAS – President Donald Trump’s campaign will file a lawsuit in Nevada alleging various forms of potential voter fraud. This is the fourth lawsuit the campaign has filed in the last 24 hours; The Trump campaign filed in Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Lacalt said observers have not been able to compare signatures and inspect the count.

The Trump campaign says there is also evidence that non-residents voted, and those votes are being counted. In Nevada, residents are required to remain in the state for at least 30 days before voting.

“Because of all the irregularities,” Lakmal said they are asking the state to “stop counting inappropriate votes.”

Similar to arguments made in Trump campaign lawsuits filed in Michigan and Pennsylvania. In Georgia, on Thursday morning, a judge dismissed the Trump campaign lawsuit.

Yesterday, the Nevada Republican Party said it had received “thousands of complaints” by voters with issues during the general election and that it was closely investigating each one.

Soon after that announcement by the GOP, Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria answered questions about it during a press conference on Wednesday. He said at the time that when he was asked about this by a reporter, he did not get any specific complaint from the party.

“Apart from issues in the polling place about some of his supervisors,” Gloria said, “we addressed them where we could.” But no, I was not provided anything. “

Amy Abdelsayed of contributed to this story


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