Trump calls in December’s report: Georgia election investigator to ‘detect fraud’

President TrumpDonald Trump McConnell broadcasts procedures for Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial, suggests Twitter to build its own platform after the ban Poll: 18 percent of Republicans support Capitol riots In December, he made a “lengthy” phone call to an election investigator in Georgia, asking him to find voter fraud, told by a person familiar with the call. The washington post.

The man told the newspaper that the president told the anonymous investigator to “detect fraud”, adding that the officer would be “a great hero”.

The call was reportedly made shortly before Christmas, while the investigator was looking into allegations of ballet fraud in Cobb County – a county president-elect Joe BidenJoe Bidenas judge blocked Trump administration restrictions on asylum eligibility McConnell broadcasts procedures for Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial Trump saves top official, then says to reissue resignation letter for departure Won. The investigator was now looking into the disputed allegations that county election officials improperly accepted mail ballots with signatures that did not match those on file.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensparger (R) confirmed to The Post that Trump called on December 23, but said he was unfamiliar with the content of the discussion. He told the newspaper that it was unfair for Trump to attempt to intervene.

“It was an ongoing investigation,” Raffenspar told the Post. “I do not believe that an elected official should be involved in that process.”

CNN also confirmed that the president asked the investigator to “detect fraud”, citing a source familiar with the case.

Neither the White House nor Raffenspar’s office responded immediately to requests for comment from The Hill.

The call to the investigator came before an hour-long phone call Trump made with Ruffensperger on January 2, in which the president urged the secretary of state to “find” more than 11,000 ballots to reverse Peach State’s election result Was.

The Post released excerpts from the call earlier this month.

Biden won the state of Georgia by more than 11,000 votes in November – the first time a Democrat has won in the Red State since 1992, when former President Clinton won there.

“I want to do it” The chairman said. “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which we have more than one. Because we won the state.”

Like Previously called The governor Brian KempBryn Kemplaufer attacks Warnock, GOP fired in future with Trump’s political career (R) To pressure Trump to convene a special session of the state legislature to appoint a new set of electors.

Despite repeated efforts by the president and a campaign to reverse his electoral defeat, Trump accepted His presidency came to an end after being elected Congress president on Thursday.

The president said in a video posted on social media that he was committed to a peaceful shift of power following violent riots triggered by a crowd of his supporters, which looted the Capitol on Wednesday.


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