Trump calls for swift justice in shooting ambushed duties as manhunt intensifies in LA

President Trump argued for strict criminal sentencing guidelines and speedy courts on Sunday, as the manhunt continues for the suspect in the shooting of two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s duties over the weekend.

Trump, speaking at a roundtable campaign event in Las Vegas, used Saturday’s horrific shooting to highlight his campaign’s “law and order” message, while describing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as vulnerable to crime.

“He is not strong for law and order and everyone knows that,” Trump said of Biden during the “Latino for Trump” incident. “When you see a scene similar to last night with two cops in California – a woman, a man – who shoots in a cold cold chain.”

The President said: “We are looking for him … and when we find that person, we have to get along very fast with our Courts and we get very difficult with our sentence.”

UNCOCOnible, ‘Trump Floats Death Penalty of Officers Die

Authorities in Southern California searched for the suspect who shot and seriously injured two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s personnel sitting in their squad car on Saturday evening. There is currently a $ 100,000 reward for the arrest of the suspect and information to prove him guilty.

The 31-year-old female deputy and the 24-year-old male deputy underwent surgery Saturday evening, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said at a late-night news conference. The two graduated from the academy 14 months ago, he said.

Deputy Tina Schrader said they were in critical condition Sunday afternoon.

Shittiff said the depot was shot while sitting in his patrol car at a metro rail station in Compton and was able to radio for help. Villanueva, whose department was recently criticized during protests over racial unrest, expressed disappointment at the anti-police sentiment, as he requested people to pray for duty.

Trump first responded to the ambush-style shooting Sunday morning.

Compton ‘Ambush’ 2 La Country’s Shruti ‘Fight for their lives’

“Animals that must be hit hard!” Trump wrote referring to criminals targeting law enforcement.

“if [the deputies] Fast trial death sentence for a dying, killer. Only way to stop it! Trump later wrote.

Trump and his Republican colleagues have consistently tried to favor measures to weaken Biden on crime and save police departments across the country.

The “Defund the Police” movement began after George Floyd’s death in late May, killing an unarmed black man who was detained by a Minneapolis police officer. Floyd’s death – and similar incidents across the country – sparked widespread protests against police brutality and racial injustice, as well as calls for law enforcement agencies to cut funding.

Despite Trump and the GOP’s insistence on casting as a proponent of the GOP’s “Defund the Police” movement, the Democratic nominee has called for police reforms to curb the lack of law enforcement departments.

During a campaign speech earlier this month, Biden said, “Get the facts straight, I not only want to save the police,” I say $ 300 million in my local budget to deal with police, community policing Want to add Community back together again

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Biden said he wants improvements including more funding for public schools, summer programs and mental health and substance abuse treatment, including a $ 300 million investment in community-oriented police service (COPS).

Biden previously said that Trump wants to cut nearly $ 500 billion in funding for local law enforcement, a claim that Politifact has evaluated as “mostly true.” Trump’s FY 2021 budget proposal would reduce the Department of Justice’s funding for state and local law enforcement by $ 380 million, according to the Politico Fact, and the president’s budget would also cut COPS by $ 170 million.

Biden also soon condemned the shooting of Duty in Compton, calling it “inane” and demanded the suspect be apprehended soon.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted, “This cold-blooded shooting is incurable and the perpetrator must be brought to justice.” “Any kind of violence is wrong; Those who do it should be caught and punished. ”

Fox News’ Avi Fordham and The Associated Press contributed to this report.