Trump calls for donating blood plasma to Kovid-19 survivors

Business steps in: Companies are also looking at plasma possibilities.

Adam Schechter, CEO of testing firm LabCorp at the Red Cross roundtable, said his company would offer antibody testing at no charge through doctor’s offices to increase blood plasma donation. “LabCorp is currently working with public health officials and the provider community on the details of the three-month program and will provide additional information in the near future,” the company said in a statement.

CSL Limited CEO Paul Perrault said his company and NIH are designing A clinical trial to test a treatment known as hyperimmune globulin, obtained from convulsive plasma. The company is enrolling patients in the trial next month. If it shows that the treatment is effective, CSL may file an application with the FDA by the end of this year, Perreault said.

What will happen next: Han said that the agency is reviewing the data behind the effectiveness of convocation plasma. Clinical trials are underway and an emergency authorization from the FDA to expand the use of plasma may come soon.

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