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Trump calls Comey & # 39; Untruthful Slime Ball & # 39; as the details of the book are published

The message was coordinated with the White House and echoes that of Mr. Trump. "Comey is a liar and an infiltrator, and his misconduct led Republicans and Democrats to ask for his dismissal," said Ronna McDaniel, the committee's chair.

Discussion points describe Mr. Comey as a "disgraced former officer" and "an accomplished Washington connoisseur who knows how to work the media to protect his flanks." He says Mr. Comey was "strongly criticized by members of both parties for his history of strange decisions, contradictory statements and acting against the Department of Justice and the FBI." protocol. "

The committee created a" Lyin & # 39; Comey "website and sent mass emails to reporters who litigated the claims in their book and interviews.

Anticipating Mr. Trump's attack on Friday, the Comey committee discussion points as an infiltrator consumed by grievances against Mr. Trump and enumerated Comey-bashing quotes from Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, the current Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate. [19659005] Mr. Comey will have the opportunity to respond to his criticisms during a tour of the book that will take him to places across the country.His first main interview, with ABC News, is scheduled to be aired on Sunday night, although the network began broadcasting videos on Friday morning after the book leaked.

It will have several other high profile appearances in Washington, followed by events at bookstores in Chicago, S Eattle, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles and other cities. In each case, Mr. Comey's remarks about the behavior and character of the president will surely generate headlines.

The Republican National Committee organizes television and radio reservations for people who appear to refute Mr. Comey during the tour. Kellyanne Conway, one of Mr. Trump's most loyal counselors, got up early on Friday to question Mr. Comey's credibility for the television cameras.

"We find that Mr. Comey has a revisionist view of history and looks like a disgruntled former employee," Conway said. "After all, he was fired."

Fox News, the president's favorite television news network, plans to air his own special on Sunday night, "The Trial of James Comey," at 9 p.m. about "The next revolution with Steve Hilton".

Republicans also seized the opportunity to link Mr. Comey to Andrew G. McCabe, his former deputy director, after the Department of Justice inspector general issued a highly critical report accusing Mr. McCabe of investigators who deceived repeatedly.

Not all personal insults came from the president and his allies. Sometimes, Mr. Comey seemed to be doing the same in his book, writing at one point that Mr. Trump's face looked "slightly orange, with bright white moons under his eyes, where I assumed he was wearing little glasses of tanning ".

Mr. Comey's comparison of the operative style of the president with the mafia: "The silent circle of assent, the boss in complete control, the oaths of loyalty, the worldview of us against them, the lies about everything, big and small." You could have expected them to please the Democrats if it had come from someone else. But at least initially, he received a rather muted defense from the Democrats still angry about the way he handled the investigation of Ms. Clinton's private email server.

While applauding in their fight with Mr. Trump, they argued that Mr. Comey should not have made the consultation public by email the way he did.

"He let his ego get in his way and put him in charge of fate, which was not his decision to act," said Jennifer Palmieri, a senior adviser to Mrs. Clinton's campaign. "I do not think he was partisan, but there are a lot of people I know who do not agree with me on that."

The anger of the Democrats towards Mr. Comey spread through social networks on Friday. Ms. Palmieri said she would urge them not to join Mr. Trump to hunt Mr. Comey, even though he admitted that there is "a lot of resentment" towards him.

"I do not agree with him being a liar braggart," he said, adding that Democrats should not help the president undermine Mr. Comey's credibility. "That is not responsible or productive."

Mr. Trump's decision to dismiss Mr. Comey last May finally led to the appointment of a special lawyer to investigate the meddling of the 2016 elections in Russia and whether Mr. Trump has deliberately tried to obstruct the investigation. On an extraordinary day of testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee the following month, he prefigured many of the topics in his book, describing how Mr. Trump had tried to derail an investigation of Michael T. Flynn, who briefly served as an adviser to national security and accused the president of lying and defame him and the FBI

The former FBI The long-awaited memory of 304 pages of the boss is the first of the main memories of one of the key characters of the Trump administration.

Some of the moments that Mr. Comey describes in the book were already publicly known: he describes a dinner in January 2017 where he said that Mr. Trump asked for a promise of loyalty, an episode that was reported by multiple organizations of news last year. But the details threw Mr. Trump and his assistants in a negative light.

The occasion on which Mr. Comey informed Mr. Trump for the first time about the interference in the Russian elections has also frequently been described. In the book, Mr. Comey added his own description of how a discussion about a serious interference in the US electoral process became "a strategy session on messages about Russia, on how they could turn on what we have just told them"

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