Trump calls Carl Bernstein a ‘total nut job’ after CNN analyst alleges ‘murder’

President TrumpDonald John Trumpdemocrats, the ruling Russian Jets on the Trump campaign identified in the Trump campaign advocating for the right to vote on Florida, called for support for troops to get COVID-19 vaccine for Democratic Senate candidate ‘hesitant’ from this year more Called Karl BernsteinCarl BernsteinCar Bernstein: Trump and Kim in ‘Rage’ New Bob Woodward book, to discuss the new Trump book on Sunday, ‘Homicidal negligence’ Bob Woodward’s ‘smoking gun’, which appeared on ’60 Minutes’ Details of 25 individual letters will be included. Jong Un More According to CNN political analyst “Nut Job” he was called “suicidal” during an interview early Tuesday.

“I know Carl Bernstein a little bit, he’s a nut job. He’s been doing a nut job for years,” Trump said as “Fox & Friends” hosted Steve Dokie, Einsley Earhart and Brian Kilmeade.

“I don’t have a lot of respect for both of them,” he said, referring to Bernstein’s former Watergate reporting partner, Bob Woodward, whose upcoming book is important to the president.

President Bernstein said, “That was a total nut job and I look at him.” He will say anything. He did nothing. As you did, today I am doing a great job with Israel. With some fake news, it doesn’t matter. ”

Bernstein told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper late Monday night that Trump’s indoor rally, on weekends in Nevada, where some of the crowd had not worn masks, was a “homicidal assembly” to help reunite the president ” was.

Bernstein, a staunch Trump critic who repeatedly accused the president of “worse than Watergate” during the impeachment hearing, accused CNN of “willing to sacrifice” the lives of his supporters by holding an indoor rally Huh.

“We are very clear in what we are seeing here, we are calling a gay president, purposefully, a homogeneous assembly that instead of protecting the health and welfare of the United States as his President of the United States Help recover. ” Bernstein said that for supporters, whose lives they are willing to sacrifice, are included.

“Here it is the President, who has staked part of his presidency, especially on the right to life of the unborn, and has sacrificed the lives of thousands of Americans every day as he honestly, honestly, and deals with a serious domestic crisis. “Our post-war history in this country,” he continued.

He said, “He discharged his responsibility and the result is the most horrific felony committed by any president in our history, perhaps, and now we see it tonight in front of us, this is the home assembly that the United States The President has called his supporters the sacrificial lamb. It is amazing, ”Bernstein concluded.

The Trump campaign promoted the Henderson incident, making fun of the protests, urging supporters to “gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment” to listen to the president’s speech.

The campaign states, “If you are protesting on the streets, gambling in a casino, or burning small businesses in riots, you can gather peacefully under the 1st Amendment.” Leading to the rally in a Sunday statement.


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