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Trump begins state visit with Macron discussing his surveys

Trump's friendly discussion with French President Emmanuel Macron in Mount Vernon on Monday night focused in part on the American political and economic situation, specifically the upcoming midterm elections and the Trump ranking in the polls said a French official.

Trump has tweeted regularly about his polls, which he insists are higher than people think.

Issues planned, such as Syria and trade also emerged, as did the fight against radicalization. The leaders also raised the issue of Internet regulation, a topic of heated debate in both France and the United States. UU After Russia's attempts to interfere in the elections.

Trump for the first time deploys the trappings of formal state entertainment in the hope that an elaborate demonstration of diplomacy can lead to a deeper bond with the young French leader.

But under the pomp and circumstance, the state visit – streets lined with fluttering French and American flags, an elaborate military welcome and a meticulously planned state dinner – the two leaders are expected to face a series of pressing policy issues outside, from the agreement with Iran to the Syrian civil war, counterterrorism and Russian aggression. The light of day among men on some of those matters will become evident.

Macron landed in Washington at noon on Monday aboard a French government plane. Later, the couple greeted Trump in the west wing with kisses on each cheek to formally begin the visit.

Accompanied by Melania Trump, the quartet used golden shovels to plant a European Sessile oak in the South Lawn that had been plucked from the Belleau forests, northeast of Paris, where 9,000 American soldiers lost their lives during World War I. . Shortly thereafter, he set off in a helicopter to Mount Vernon, the George Washington estate, for a private dinner of lemon and ricotta agnolotti with citrus butter, salad, Dover sole ballotine with lemon curd, and relic souffle and chocolate with ice cream of cherry and vanilla.

The two leaders arrive in business on Tuesday after a military welcome at South Lawn. Following the French-American strikes in Syria, there remain doubts about Trump's willingness to maintain a military presence in Syria, as Macron has urged his American counterpart to do. The new and rude commercial approach of Trump has generated fears of a commercial war. And a deadline quickly approaching the agreement with Iran is also looming.

Trump has threatened to withdraw from the agreement with Iran and cut US sanctions against Iran before May 12 unless major changes are made to the agreement negotiated by the previous US administration. , which crowned Iran's nuclear program in exchange for relief from economic sanctions. France, Germany and the United Kingdom, key signatories of the agreement, are in the midst of negotiations with the US. UU Destined to mitigate some of Trump's concerns, but there are still big gaps.

Some US government officials. UU preparing options to withdraw from the agreement, hoping to be ready if Trump abruptly makes his announcement on Twitter. Macron's visit could be critical in convincing Trump to reach a compromise, rather than the "all or nothing" approach he has outlined about the agreement with Iran.

Underlying Competitiveness

  Macron hopes that Trump's relationship can help make France great again

The French leader, who has been described as "the whisperer of Trump" by some, has forged one of Trump's closest relationships with any world leader, some of which He has been openly harassed or belittled.

But below the external bonhomie is an underlying competitiveness, according to American and French officials familiar with the relationship of the two men. Both are alpha men very much in tune with their own reputation, and each entered the office with great promises to break the political status quo of their country. Officials from both countries have played down the notion of "bromance" and insist that the two men are not close personal friends but tightly aligned allies.

Since May, when the two men met for the first time inside the residence of the US ambassador in Brussels, the fascination has revolved around their relationship. That first meeting was marked by tense smiles and a long handshake, white knuckles that immediately went viral online.

Even before that session, which occurred on the sidelines of a NATO summit, Macron has carefully addressed his interactions with an unpredictable American leader. He studied videos of Trump's handshakes, which sometimes include a firm pull inward. He and his aides closely follow Trump's Twitter feed for a daily reading of the American president's mood and changing political sentiments.

Perhaps more shrewdly, Macron acknowledged that Europe's other dominant leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, would remain permanently tainted in Trump's mind after fostering deeply personal ties with President Barack Obama. Very reluctant to the policies and platforms of his predecessor, Trump has seen Merkel irrevocably linked to Obama, according to the people who have spoken to him.

Macron has been presented as a blank slate, without a pre-existing relationship that could color his interactions with Trump (although Macron has met privately with Obama, and even secured Obama's endorsement during his campaign last spring) [19659002] Merkel will visit the White House on Friday without any of the elaborate embellishments associated with a state visit. Once the favorite European leader for the presidents of the United States, including Obama and President George W. Bush, Merkel had a cold start with Trump and struggled to recover. The two leaders spent more than five months without speaking earlier this year.


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