Trump became ‘vicious’ and readers debated the Kovid-19 vaccine

In recent times, the president has accused Democratic candidate Joe Biden of being mentally “shot” and “on drugs”, and alleged that the 77-year-old would not be fit to serve within a month of taking office – A crude attack on his opponent of only three years. His dissatisfaction with Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has taken an increasingly racist and sexist tone. And during the riot campaign, he claimed that Democrats generally “want to shut down law-abiding Americans in their homes.”

Trump is also raising false claims that the election will be rigged, claiming that mail-in voting is “unconstitutional” – a blatant lie. And he is resorting to sometimes more inflammatory rhetoric to intimidate white suburbs’ votes: “Does anyone want to have someone from Antifa as a member as a resident of your suburb? I don’t think so, “Trump said on Thursday. Cherishing a fantasy of Pickett-Fayered suburbs under attack.

What are they doing Of course, Trump likes to say derogatory things to get up from the crowd. But he needs to win over a specific 42% of voters or seems to be doing a great job. And his turn towards Anahoni puts a big bet at the center of his reunion bid.

There may not be a moderate victory for portraying America as a land in flames and inciting racial divisions, but the Trump campaign believes that there may be millions of Americans who quietly turn to their tribalism and extremist rhetoric Identify with – and who will appear to vote in November. Taking a pass in general is a long shot, but if they are correct, all of the polls that show Biden at the forefront can be shown, as are misconceptions about voters.

We’ll find out in 50 days.

‘Now I can be really vicious’

Despite his flame-throwing rhetoric, Trump says it is Democrats who have crossed the line. On the campaign trail this weekend, the president complained that Democrats had done injustice to him, seizing his alleged remarks that the American wars in France were “losers” and “suckers”. “Pathetic Joe, he’s a pathetic human who is allowed to do so,” Trump said at a rally Saturday night in Nevada, concluding: “Now I can be really vicious.”

spot the difference

Supporters waited for Trump to speak Sept 13 in Henderson, Nevada.
On Sunday, Trump held his first fully indoor rally in months – a gathering expected to massively violate Nevada’s coronovirus restrictions.
Massive crowds can be expected at the American Football Stadium, which hosted the first game of the season on Sunday – but the NFL signed a separate deal, asking fans to stay home for their safety. Above, Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, where the San Francisco 49ers played the Arizona Cardinals.

‘The last remnants of this generation’s Flat Earth Society’

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti has none of the president’s penchant for Western states’ disastrous faults over poor forest management or inadequate “haggling”. “It’s climate change,” Garcetti told CNN’s Jake Taper on “State of the Union.” He criticized the Trump administration, which has generally pursued policies that reduce security for the environment, as hosting “the last remnants of this generation of flat earth society”. “We need to reduce the carbon emissions we have and we need to make sure that we can manage that water,” he said. “It’s not just about forest management or racking up. Whoever lives here in California is insulted, quite frankly, and (Trump) maintains this lie.”

First in line for a jab?

We asked readers last week whether you would be the front or back in the line for a potential Kovid-19 vaccine. Here’s what you said.

“No, I won’t get in line for the coronovirus vaccine,” writes Damien in Paris. “Vaccines take more years to research and test. It’s not a good idea to scramble science. We must learn, as a society that lives fast in tight cities, in our daily lives To adopt clean behavior. When and if it is. Vaccine, I’ll wait a few years to see if it seems efficient and harmless. ”

In Pennsylvania, Cathy Seemed agreeable: “Almost everyone is being politicized by Trump who would feel safe to take some half-hearted vaccine !? No way !!!!”

Guy in Belgium He said that he would take it happily if he would help advance science. “As I am 67 years old and fit, I can be a good testing person to study here in Belgium.”

We got a conditional yes from yes Alan in south africa. “It will depend on the supplier of the vaccine and who supports it. A vaccine issued by Trump – I’ll be at the end of the queue. Supported by Fossey and / or manufactured, tested and released by other Western countries.” Be at the forefront of the line, ”he said.

And Caroline said she would rely on a weighted vaccine – but would wait for the most exposed members of society to get the job first. “” I am a 68-year-old White female Democrat. I think the necessary worker should be first. Line. Then the weakest. Then young and healthy people over 65 years of age. Finally at the end of the line all those who are not practicing social distinction or wearing masks. I think there will be some justice for all of them. Easily helped his fellow man, but refused. “