Trump battles for rallies in Nevada

President Trump came out swinging Saturday evening at a rally in Nevada, about 50 miles south of Reno.

“The bottom line is when we win, America wins,” the president told a crowd of supporters in Minden, Nev., In November as part of a push to red from Nevada, about 50 miles south of Reno.

Trump immediately called Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak made a “political hack” after molesting him during a rally for an airport hangar in Reno earlier this week, which the governor had to cancel due to the governor’s 50-man limit between outside gatherings Was forced to. Coronavirus.

It was rescheduled to an airport hangar in Minden near Lake Tahoe.

State Republicans blamed the governor for trying to hurt Trump’s chances of reunion, but the Reno rally was canceled by airport officials.

“This is the man we’re trusting with millions of ballots?” Trump asked the crowd, before suggesting again that Democrats rigged the election through mail-in ballots.

Trump told the audience that he had done a deep offense to an advertisement on Joe Biden, about to report that Trump called Gir service members “suckers” and “losers”.

There is no man who loves our army, he respects them more than me. There were 25 witnesses on record who said it never happened, “he said of former and current staff members who defended his character.

Biden named Trump is a “pathetic human” for running aid about reporting. “They are a disgrace, but you know the good part, now I can be really vicious.” He said that because of the advertisement, he felt that he no longer needed to be “good”.

“Joe Biden cannot lead our country because he doesn’t really believe in our country,” he said. “He is the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics.”

Trump also suggested that “phony” voting is an attempt at voter suppression, leaving him behind Biden. “My people will not be pressed!” He asked the crowd to cheer.

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The president lost six of Nevada’s electoral votes in 2016 to Hillary Clinton by 2 percentage points, but the campaign has invested heavily in this state to change that.

Nevada has not voted for a Republican president since 2004.

“Democrats are scared. They know that President Trump has the momentum, ”said the President of the state GOP, Michael Macdonald.

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Some Democrats are concerned about the potential Trump gains in Nevada, with the president showing support from Latino and non-college educated white voters, two important constituencies in the state.

The president plans to host a “Latino for Trump” roundtable in Las Vegas on Sunday morning, followed by an evening rally at a manufacturing facility in neighboring Henderson.

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Trump also scheduled a high-dollar fundraiser in Las Vegas this weekend, asking couples for $ 150,000 to attend.

The president is scheduled to visit Arizona later on Sunday and a California wildfire on Monday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.