Trump backers trick Facebook to join ‘Gay Communists for Socialism’ –

Trump backers trick Facebook to join ‘Gay Communists for Socialism’

Thousands of Donald Trump supporters inadvertently found themselves in a Facebook group called “Gay Communists for Socialism”, after being joined by their creators that they felt Trump was a pro-election group.

On Thursday, a Facebook group called “Stop the Steel” is a reference to the president’s false claims that Joe Biden is “stealing” the US election, disabled for misinformation after receiving more than 350,000 members by the social network Was. Other groups emerged in its place, including a second “Stop the Steel” group, which attracted more than 40,000 castaways from the original group.

But less than 24 hours later, an administrator of the group renamed it “Gay Communist for Socialism”, confusing the new members without explanation.

An offshoot

An offshoot “Stop the Steel” Facebook group attracted 40,000 members. Photo: Facebook

Dozens of angry and confused Trump supporters posted, “What happened to stop the theft?” And, “Why is this group called gay communist for socialism?”, While others demanded, “Remove me from this page !!!!!!”

The Guardian confirmed that the group was formed on November 5 as “Stop the Steel” before being renamed. An administrator, whose real identity could not be verified, reported that the parent group was a planned operation to troll conservatives with a fake “Stop the Steel” group.

Trump supporter Joe

Trump supporters joining “Stop the Steel” were angered and confused to find the name changed to “Gay Communist for Socialism”. Photo: Facebook

“We had no idea whether it would carry this way or suck in as many clumsy people as we did when making the switch,” the administrator said. He said the group, which now has 60,000 members, has an additional 20,000 member requests.

Another group administrator further trolled its members, saying that the name change was done to prevent Facebook from breaking up on it, and later said the group had been hacked by Facebook itself. “We have been on the phone and trying to send messages with Facebook” – this is an obvious joke, as Facebook does not have a public customer service phone number.

Many members still believe that the group’s name has been changed by Facebook to avoid censorship and that it remains true to the original conservative mission. “Still the same people, the same message, we just have to go in secret because free speech is not a thing under Facebook,” one wrote.

The administrator told the Guardian that it is possible that the group will be removed soon due to the number of people they are offended by. He said that these reports are mostly coming from conservatives. “Real snowflakes,” he said.

Julia Carrie Wong contributed reporting


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