Trump at Minnesota rally: Biden will turn state into ‘refugee camp’

“These hardened criminals are back in their country, where they can make any complaint they want,” Trump said. “And your family is safe for it.”

The Trump administration has pelted stones to lay the foundation of its immigration policy for refugees.

Seeking to draw a contrast with Biden, Trump said the Democratic candidates would open doors for refugees from “jihadist regions” such as Yemen and Somalia. He raped. Also excluded Ilhan Omar (D-Min), who came to the United States as a child refugee from Somalia, calling him “extremist”.

Last year trump Called Omar and many other high-profile progressive congressmen “go back” to the “completely broken and crime-affected places” from where they came. Supporters also chanted “send him back” during a Trump rally last year – a line crying a rally between their base.

Omar said on Friday, “Omar, how did he win the election.”

Trump echoed his law-and-order message directly into the city for a few hours north of Minneapolis, a part of protests earlier this summer after George Floyd was killed by a white police officer . Trump has since fired off the protests as a violent coup, urging federal forces to restore order.

“They are still trying to get rid of their police force in Minneapolis?” Trump told a crowd. “See they never learn.”

Trump has repeated his rallies as a “peaceful protest”, mocking municipalities that allow protesters to gather despite social distinction requirements and crowd-size limitations caused by the coronovirus epidemic. During their Friday conversation, attendees were packed together, many not wearing masks.

Conspicuously absent from his address was no mention of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg, who died during his rally. Trump boasted during the speech that he did not see the teleprompter while speaking at rallies, and no allies interrupted him on stage.

Just before the Air Force boarding after his rally, Trump said: “She just died? I didn’t know that. She lived a wonderful life, what else can you say?”

Recent polls show Biden moving to Minnesota, but Trump said on Friday that his reading of the area convinced him that he was in good standing.

“There’s no way I’m down nine points,” Trump said. “This is not a crowd of anyone who is second in this state who is awakened from sleep.”

Trump’s appearance comes on the heels of his visit to Biden’s battlefield. The former vice-president visited a training center in a suburb of Duluth and organized a speech aimed at union members and blue-collar activists in the state.

“Like many of you, I spent a lot of my life with friends like Donald Trump watching me; Looking for people who live with their own hands, people who take care of our children [or] Clean our streets, ”said Biden. “These are people who always thought they were better than me, better than us, because they had a lot of money.”

Biden was also chosen on the theme “Scranton vs. Park Avenue,” whose campaign has picked up in recent times, including a televised town hall near the former Vice President’s birthplace in Pennsylvania. Biden told journalist George Stephanopolous once on Trump’s remarks earlier this week that “the stock is owned by everyone” as part of protecting the economy’s leadership during the epidemic.

“What the hell is he talking about?” Biden said. “I grew up with people in Scranton, Clemont, [Del.], They do not have money in shares. Every penny we made was to pay bills and take care of families, clothes on the back and a roof top. “

Shortly before he lectured at his Bemidji rally, Trump mocked Biden’s “Scranton vs. Park Avenue” line, repeating his general attack on Biden as an international terrorist who would bow to China’s will.

“Joe Biden Says It’s A Race Between Scranton And Park Avenue,” Trump Tweeted. “This is a race between Scranton and China. Joe Biden betrayed China and foreign countries to Scranton and America. I will always put America in the first place.”

Nick Nidzwedek contributed to this report.

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