Trump approval rating is 32%


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  • The survey also found that the disapproval of their job performance is 63%
  • The Trump approval rating has been pretty stagnant since October

The survey also found that the disapproval of the President's job performance is 63%, and only 14% of those who disapprove of their presidential performance say that they can think of something they have done and with which they have been happy.

However, 37% of those who approve of their job performance say they can think of something that Trump has done and with which they have been disappointed or disgruntled.

Pew's report on the survey indicated that Trump's approval rating has been fairly stagnant since October, when it was at 34%, but has decreased since February, when it was 39%.

In addition, the survey found that the majority of Americans – 59% – believe that improper contact between top Trump officials and Russia during the campaign "definitely or probably occurred."

Thirty percent said they believed that "Trump senior officials definitely had inappropriate contacts with Russia during the campaign," while 30% also responded that they thought the improper contact "definitely or probably did not happen."

Thoughts regarding Trump campaign officials who had undue contact with Russia were split according to the party: 82% of Democrats and Democrats say they thought there were inappropriate contacts, and "49% said that they definitely took place. " [19659005] However, only 26% of Republicans and independent Republicans believed that such contacts probably or definitely had occurred.

The survey was conducted between November 29 and December 4, and has a margin of sampling error of 2.9 percentage points.

Jennifer Agiesta of CNN contributed to this report.

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