Trump and his allies responded with pseudoscience as the number of American virus deaths equaled 150,000.

“What I want to do is save the lives of all people,” Trump said of a drug.

Gohart has avoided wearing a mask. And he used his diagnosis – thanks to that White House test – to advance science and mislead him by misleading government medical advice while misleading him about his recent use of his face. Can.
Another Trump acoly of National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, who works within the yard of the Oval Office in Trump’s mask-free West Wing, found he had a Kovid-19 last weekend.

Former White House physician, Drs. Ronnie Jackson, now a Trump-style congressional candidate, appeared in Texas on Wednesday without a mask to greet the president. As long as there is no vaccine, government health experts say social disturbances are important to wear masks and slow the spread of the disease.

Republican senators, meanwhile, pressured in an effort to bring people back with their efforts to reduce unemployment benefits, so that Trump needed to win a reunion to work to set the economy on fire. Democrats want to extend the benefit to their $ 600 per week full price, arguing that many Americans across the country are still concerned about getting back to work with a wave of viruses.

And Trump’s education secretary Betsy DeVos rejected calls for the Trump administration to release a national plan aimed at opening schools, saying there was no room for such federal power flexibility. But he still used his national platform to demand that all schools remain open, although the virus still prevailed in many hot areas.

“There is neither a national superintendent nor should there be, so there is no national plan to reopen,” DeVos said during a visit to North Carolina with Vice President Mike Pence. She praised a local private school for the plan to reopen. Such institutions typically have smaller classes and more resources than public schools that often cram 30 or more children into the classroom.

Florida Republican Governor Trump’s aide Ron DeSantis defended his decision to reopen the schools, ignoring the fact that his state posted another daily record for Kovid-19 deaths on Wednesday.

‘Thousands of deaths’

Criticism of those who are scientifically rejecting science, reducing the effects of the virus and calling for an end to the lockdown, which may not be partisan, although most Republicans and Trump who took such positions Are close to the classroom.

Rather it is rooted in the fact that epidemics, months in doubt, including those with ultimate power, are still missing some proven means, such as wearing masks and ignoring or ignoring social disturbances that help extinguish it. Can.

Despite the fact that the effect of such behavior is obvious. They were already in control of Trump’s raging pressure on the states, helping bring a wave of new infections to full sunlight that led to thousands of infections and thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Another painful result of the premature opening came on Thursday when Federal Reserve President Jerome Powell said the economic downturn was halted by the virus after the lockdown.

“The pace of recovery looks like it has slowed down since the onset of spike cases in June,” Powell said. “On balance it seems to be pointing to slowing down the pace in data recovery.”

Ironically, Trump leaned on states to adopt disease control and prevention guidelines for safe reopening, rather than a rapid withdrawal, in a far better political position than he is now, including the public The public’s trust was submerged. lead him.

As it is, scientific experts are warning that their current approach could lead to an even more widespread disaster.

The Association of American Medical Colleges said Wednesday that if the nation does not change its curriculum – and soon – the deaths in the United States could be “in the hundreds of thousands”.

And scholars at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security warned in a new report that federal leadership was badly needed and called for universal mask mandates and stay-at-home orders in the hardest-hit states.

The report states, “Unlike many countries in the world, the United States is not currently in control of this epidemic.” “It’s time to reset.”

Trump defended claims of Tea Party-backed doctors

Some doctors met Pence after deleting his group's video for misleading information

Showing the Americans’ efforts to revive the White House briefing by the president, he said he planned to beat the epidemic due to his indiscipline and conspiratorial mindset.

On Tuesday, Trump went out of his way, an anti-malarial drug, an ineffective drug in the treatment of clonid-19, to promote hydroxychloroquine, but a favorite on the pro-Trump conservative media.

He defended himself to retweet the video in which a group of doctors promoted by Tea Party Patriots made false claims about hydroxychloroquine and suggested that wearing masks was not necessary.

He especially noted Dr., a well-known physician from Houston. Defended Stella Emmanuel, who has other things, claiming that sex with “tormenting spirits” is responsible for gynecology, miscarriage and impotence.

“I was very impressed with him and the other doctors who stood by him. I think he made sense, but I don’t know anything about him,” Trump said. “Of course you can hook him up and give him a voice.”

Trump’s intentional force to force disintegration from the country’s most visible platform, the government’s top infectious disease specialist, Drs. Anthony Fauci forced the Americans to issue another petition to rely on fact-based science.

“When I say that we are not very clear and clear to follow science. If a study that is a good study comes out and shows the efficacy and safety for hydroxychloroquine or any other drug that we do – If you do it the right way – you accept scientific data, ”Fauci said on MSNBC.

“But just today, cumulative scientific data have been put together and carried out in several different studies, with no efficacy.”

Gohart is diagnosed, then wearing a mask is to blame

Louis Gohmert, who refused to wear a mask, tests positive for Kovid-19

Gohmert only came to know of his diagnosis when he showed up for a coronovirus test at the White House before leaving to fly to his home state with Trump. This was the latest occasion to establish a comprehensive testing system to protect Trump that saved the president from exposure. But delays in turning trials – in the absence of an effective national coronovirus test structure – lack the same protection in most Americans.

News about Gohmert rose sharply on Capitol Hill, where Congress saw several Republicans wearing masks while giving directions to many Republicans to make a political statement supporting Trump.

Instead of using his own, asymptomatic case, he was seen with Attorney General William Barr in Capitol Hill on Tuesday to highlight the dangers of not condoning social disturbances – Gohart denies and tries to spark politicization Resulting in 150,000 deaths. .

Gohmatt said to his constituents, “I don’t know when I apply the mask I move it to make it comfortable and I can’t help but wonder if you know some germs in the mask Huh.” Video message

Such indications that leaders are still not taking the epidemic seriously enough are why many medical researchers are pessimistic.

Chief Scientific Officer of AAMC, Dr. Ross McKinney Jr., who issued his warning of “several hundred thousands” of American deaths, called for national change.

“We’re 150,000 right now, we have a lot of states where the epidemic is currently out of control,” McKinney told CNN’s Briana Keylor.

“And we’re starting to see some states that were in the middle … where there’s a huge boom in transition, in places like Nebraska and Iowa,” he continued.

“So it is important for us as a nation to try to prevent and control this infection before the number of cases increases, because we are not currently on a good path,” McKinney said.


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