Trump and Biden’s final presidential debate is on Thursday. Here topics will be discussed on which they will be grilled.

The Commission on President Trump has released topics for the final presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that will take place in Nashville, Tennessee next Thursday.

The debate will begin at 9:00 pm ET and will run for 90 minutes without a commercial break.

There are six topics:

  • “Fighting COVID-19”
  • “American Family”
  • “Race in America”
  • “Climate change”
  • “National Security”
  • “Leadership”

The format is similar to the first debate: Each section will last approximately 15 minutes, and the candidate will have two minutes to answer after the arbitrator, Kristen Welker of NBC, opens each section with a question. To facilitate further discussion on the subject, the servant will then use the remaining time in the section.

In Friday’s announcement, the commission did not disclose any rule changes for the final contest, with some saying it got caught in a chaotic affair after the first debate between presidential candidates, in which the president flashed the rules And repeatedly interrupted the former vice president. .

remember: Trump and Biden were scheduled to debate last Thursday, but the debate was called off after Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate. The commission changed the format for a virtual debate earlier this month due to the president’s positive coronavirus diagnosis, which hospitalized him for three days.

Instead both candidates attended the town hall on the night and the debate was originally scheduled to take place. Beiden appeared in an hour and a half town hall on ABC, and Trump appeared in an hour-long town hall on NBC.