Trump, ally vows to contest election as some accept possible defeat

President TrumpDonald John Trumpden claims a ‘mandate’ for the regime, calls for end of ‘Partisan Warfare’, Mark Meadows tests positive for coronovirus Georgia Senate race, to run between Perdew, Ossoff Head And his allies insisted on a presidential race against the Democratic nominee on Friday Joe BidenJoe claims a ‘mandate’ for the Bidenbaden regime, calls for ‘partisan warfare’ Mark Meadows trial for coronovirus Trump supporters shouted at Telemundo reporter during live broadcast from Maricopo Ballot Center Pledged to pursue unfounded claims of voter fraud, even some allies privately agreed with the fact that Biden was closing in on a win.

With votes still counting around the country, Biden overtook Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia over the last 24 hours, maintaining his lead in Nevada and a margin over the president in Arizona.

Taller Biden gives a number of avenues to become president-elect, and the network can call a race for him after being able to project the Pennsylvania result. Biden is expected to speak on Friday night.

Despite serious electoral arithmetic, Trump and his allies indicated they were ready for a fight.

The campaign issued a statement for Trump in which the president added “full transparency in all counting and election certification,” adding that “it is no longer about any single election.”

Trump said, “We will guarantee to advance this process through every aspect of the law so that the American people have confidence in our government.” “I will never quit fighting for you and our country.”

The campaign had two lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia that were quickly dismissed but are facing challenges in Pennsylvania and indicated the same could happen in Nevada. Those close to the Trump campaign and the White House acknowledged that it would be difficult to return enough votes to make a difference, especially in Pennsylvania or Michigan, and Georgia elections are run by Republicans.

In conversations between some White House aides it is understood how and when they will have to contact Trump about the reality of a crushing defeat. Sources close to the administration suggested Ivanka TrumpIvana (Ivanka) Mary Trumptrump says Biden should not claim ‘wrongful’ victory in presidential race, allies fight in election because some accept possible defeat Trump did not prepare a concession speech Done: report more, Jared KushnerJared Corey KushnerTrump says that Biden should not ‘unfairly’ claim victory in the presidential race. White House aide Ja’Ron Smith stepped down to Trump, the aide promised to contest in the election as some acknowledged a possible defeat, first Lady Melania TrumpMelania Trumptramp says Biden should not claim ‘wrongful’ victory in presidential race, allies battle in election as some accept possible defeat Melania Trump at best amid ongoing vote count Reflect on the initiative. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellEdison (Mitch) Michelle McConnelltrump says Biden should not ‘unfairly’ claim victory in the presidential race. The election prospects for the next COVID-19 relief bill are over. Health Care: The election results underline their views on coronovirus. What can a Biden administration do on health care? | Battle lines form on the battle coronovirus in the lame duck peacock (R-Ky.) Were among the most suitable people to do so.

Those sources expressed uncertainty as to what it might take the next two months if Biden is declared president-elect or how Trump will act. On Friday, senators spoke of the possibility of an economic relief package, and the nation is facing a worsening epidemic.

The president is unlikely to formally agree, but the White House economic aide Larry KudlowLarry Kudlmore CNBC reported on Friday morning that they fully expected a peaceful transition of power.

“This is the largest democracy in the world, and we follow the rule of law. And so it will be president,” Kudlow said.

Meanwhile, Trump and several of his fiercest GOP supporters spent Thursday night and Friday morning claiming voting irregularities or fraud – despite the fact that there is no evidence of unpleasant behavior in the ballot table and the campaign thus far has no concrete There is no evidence of fraud.

Campaign officials were adamant that they needed time to track potential leads.

“It is funny that we are quick to make decisions, we want to end this election, but if there is electoral fraud that everyone accuses or says no, or if these were irregularities, we would have to call them Need to carry on, ” Rona McDanielRona Romney McDaniel insists on ‘clearly false’ claim of Republican clerk GOP chair, Trump, ally fights in election as accepts some potential defeat Memo: Trump hits as tide for Biden More did, President of the Republican National Committee.

Asked by Fox News anchor Brett Bair if the country would soon see evidence of Trump’s fraud allegations, McDaniel said: “You know Brett, we’re working on that. And that’s why I’m saying, Give us time. “

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthyKevin Owen McCarthy Trump, Allies Pledge to Fight in Election as Some Accept Potential Defeat Hill’s Morning Report – Biden Chamber-Ended Clash On Election Night Near Victory (R-California.) A step forward late Thursday night, “President Trump won this election.”

However, earlier this week Trump took to Twitter to urge a complete halt to the votes, a message that reflected the fact that the continued count would cut his leadership. Stopping the count earlier this week would also have the effect of leaving Biden as president-elect, as he already had enough states to clear 270 electoral votes.

Some White House officials are more cautious while standing by Trump. The president’s daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump tweeted on Friday morning that “every legally cast vote must be counted.” Vice President Pence issued a similar message on Thursday night.

Some of the GOP have expressed doubts about the President’s claims of fraud.

“I do not know of any significant fraud, any significant wrongdoing,” Sen. Pat tomiPatrick (Pat) Joseph ToomeyAppeals Court Rules NSA’s wholesale phone data collection backfires over illegal Dunford chair coronovirus oversight panel consideration GOP senators push for quick, partially reopening of economy (R-Pa.) Said Friday morning.

Chris christieChris Christie Trump, Allies swear to contest election as some accept possible defeat Christie scolds Trump over stolen electoral rhetoric: Only reprimanding Trump over electoral remarks’ without informing ‘Hogan’., Who serves as an informal adviser to Trump, urged the president late Thursday night to back up his claims with evidence.

“This kind of thing, it’s all done without being told,” Christie said on ABC. “And we cannot allow inflammation without information.”

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