Trump admits that he never paid attention to Putin because he thinks it is ‘fake news’.

President Donald Trump has admitted that he failed to cite US intelligence which indicates that Russia paid the Taliban to kill US troops during a call with Vladimir Putin last week. In fact, Trump says he “never” explicitly brought up the issue with the Russian president because he does not believe the CIA.

new York Times Back in June it was reported that US intelligence officials concluded “months ago” that a Russian military intelligence unit killed every American or allied soldier. The intelligence community has some disagreements — the National Security Agency reportedly disagreed with the CIA’s findings.

But, ever since he put Putin on the phone, you can expect the US president to at least ask for intelligence that Russia encouraged Taliban militants to assassinate American soldiers. In an interview with Axios on HBO, Trump said he did not get upset.

Asked why he raised the issue with Putin last week, Trump responded: “It was a phone call to discuss other things, and clearly this is an issue that many people said There was fake news. “

last month, Times Confusion arose after the report of whether Trump had indeed been exposed to harmful intelligence. The White House insisted that Trump was never briefed, but then later reported that it was included in the president’s daily brief in February and that he might have failed to read it.

When asked about whether this was the case, Trump told Axios that he read the PDB, saying that “I think I don’t want to read, I read a lot,” and added: “I I understand exceptionally well. Probably better than anyone you’ve interviewed in a long time. “

Trump repeated the claim that intelligence “never arrived.” [his] Desk. “

He also said that there is no evidence that Russia was handing over the Taliban, with the former head of the US military in Afghanistan clearly stating that Russia smuggles arms to the Taliban from Tajikistan.

Even if this was true, Trump said: “Well, we supplied weapons when they were also fighting Russia. Taliban, in Afghanistan … I’m just saying, we have done the same thing.

The president gave up on Putin’s desire to intervene in Afghanistan. “Russia used to be something called the Soviet Union. Due to Afghanistan, they went bankrupt, they became Russia, ”he said. “The last thing that Russia wants to do is include Afghanistan as well, they tried once more that it doesn’t work.”


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