Trump admin says it is closing the last 2 consulates in Russia

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration has informed Congress that it intends to close the remaining two US consulates in Russia.

The State Department told lawmakers last week that it would permanently close the consulate in the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok and suspend operations at the consulate in Yekaterinburg, just east of the Ural Mountains.

The notice was sent to the Congress on 10 December, but received little attention at that time. Three days before that time, the news of a major suspected Russian computer intrusion into US government and private computer systems led to the public emergence, which has given rise to severe cyber fear.

The department’s notification to Congress, a copy of which was obtained by The Associated Press, said the detainees are closed in 2017 due to the number of US diplomats allowed by Russian authorities to work in the country.

The move is “in response to the ongoing staffing challenges of the US mission in Russia, given the cap of Russian-imposed personnel on the US mission in 2017 and the resulting deadlock with Russia on diplomatic visas”.

After the closure, America’s only diplomatic facility in Russia will be the embassy in Moscow. Russia ordered the closure of the US consulate in St Petersburg in 2018 as the US ordered the Russian consulate in Seattle to shut down in tit-for-tate operations over the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy in Britain .

The consulate in Vladivostok was temporarily closed in March due to the epidemic, and staff there had already begun to remove sensitive equipment, documents and other items. The consulates in Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg employ a total of 10 US diplomats and 33 local staff.

The exact timing of closure has not been determined. According to the notice, American employees will be transferred to the embassy in Moscow. The department estimates that the permanent closure of the Vladivostok consulate will save $ 3.2 million per year.

Everywhere in the east of Moscow – America would be closed without a large-scale diplomatic representation of Russia and would present a great inconvenience to American travelers in Russia’s Far East, as well as Russia in the region coming to the United States. Will ask for visa. Since all consular services will be controlled by the Moscow Embassy.

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