Trump about Flynn’s deal: “There has been absolutely no collusion” –

Trump about Flynn’s deal: “There has been absolutely no collusion”


When journalists asked him if he was worried about what Flynn might say, Trump said, "No, I'm not, and what has been shown is not collusion, there's no collusion, there's been no collusion at all. very happy. "

Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI about talks with the Russian ambbadador and revealed that he is cooperating with the special lawyer's office.

Trump made his brief comments on Flynn's agreement before flying to New York for a fundraiser later on Saturday. Instead, the president spent most of the time promoting the Republican tax plan, which he repeatedly continued selling as "the biggest tax cut in our nation's history."

"Frankly, last night was one of the great nights," Trump said, referring to the Senate's approval of his bill.

Flynn is the first person in the Trump administration to be contacted by Mueller's research. The events are a sign that the investigation is intensifying, and the details revealed on Friday provide the clearest picture of the coordination between Flynn and other Trump advisers in their contact with Russian officials to influence international politics.
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