True Baron Cohen did not ban Donald Trump’s account for YouTube, Google

key points

  • True Baron Cohen calls on YouTube and Google to suspend Donald Trump’s YouTube account
  • Cohen urges tech giants to “do the right thing” and save democracy
  • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have already blocked Trump from their respective social media platforms

Sacha Baron Cohen wants to ban outgoing President Donald Trump from every social media platform.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram suspended the president from their respective platforms after the Capitol Hill riots, with the actor now hoping to fall in line for YouTube and ban Trump’s account as others have done.

Taking to Twitter, the 49-year-old actor urged Alphabet executives, namely YouTube CEO Susan Wozicki and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, to suspend Trump’s account from their video-sharing platform and “right for America’s democracy” Work “.

“Almost every social media company has removed Trump… EXCEPT for YouTube. Trump’s YouTube channel is still showing videos of his election to millions of people! Reply and tell Wrote on twitter.

In another tweet, the “Borat” star called YouTube the new “Trump TV” and gave slogans to companies running ads on the video, who allegedly incited rioters to blow up the capitol.

“YouTube is the new Trump TV. Trump’s YouTube channel shows +4,000 Trump videos, including ‘Stop Theft’ and ‘Call to Fight!’ Is included. Corporate America – Why are you running your ads on You Tube Trump TV ?! RT @ @Google, @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki to tell. #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy, “Cohen Tweeted.

In addition to Cohen, actress Amy Schumer also slammed The tech giants took no action on Trump’s account and he said that these companies were giving the president a platform to spread “lies and conspiracies”.

Other notable personalities such as Chelsea Handler, Judd Apatow, Monica Lewinsky and Lawrence O’Donnell also shared this sentiment and made their voices heard.

Handler quoted Cohen’s tweet as writing, “We all need to pressure and retweet @SusanWojcicki to stop spreading disinformation.”

This is not the first time that the “Trial of the Chicago 7” star has spoken out against the outgoing president. Recently, the Golden Globe winner admitted that he decided to revive Borat because of Trump’s presidency.

In an interview with Variety, Cohen revealed that he saw a lot of threats to democracy under the Trump administration and thought that this is the right time to revive the character.

“I felt that democracy is in crisis. I felt people’s lives were in crisis and I felt compelled to finish the film, ”said Cohen in various ways.

Other celebrities have banned Trump from YouTube, supporting Cohen’s demand:

In July 2019, Sacha Baron Cohen did a broad broadcast against social media giant Facebook In July 2019, Sacha Baron Cohen did a broad broadcast against social media giant Facebook Photo: AFP / Lisa O’Connor


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