Trudeau defends work on contract with his government now

Problems for Trudeau erupted after contracts of up to $ 43.5 million were signed with WE Charity to administer a $ 544 million student grant program, a part of Canada’s pandemic response. Trudeau has already been convicted twice for breaking anti-conflict laws ever since he became minister in 2015 and the latest line has closed the investigation once again by an ethical commissioner – an inquiry that includes his finance minister – And his resignation calls for rivals.

We work on international development projects and educational programs, mostly in the US and Canada, that teach youth about civic engagement. But the deal, announced at the end of June, was canceled amidst days arising about the charity’s connection to Trudeau’s family, revealing that his mother and brother were seen speaking, traveling and hospitality by the organization Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been paid for the fee. The last half decade.

Trudeau himself has spoken at major WE events and his wife has been one of the group’s ambassadors, an unpaid role excluding expenses.

Trudeau on Thursday reiterated fielding questions, saying that once he made the discovery, in handsight, he removed himself from the cabinet decision process. He also stressed that the epidemic cloud has accelerated the overall pace of policy discussions and does not weigh in on the recommendation to go with the WE, which has come from the public service.

Trudeau said he was informed by government officials that it was a binary option given the short timeframe: go with the WE or the program would not move at all.

At another point in the hearing, Trudeau suggested that he approached the WE contract with more caution due to ethics disputes of the past.

But Trudeau’s critics were not impressed by his introspection. New Democrat MP Charlie Angus said he did not buy the prime minister’s explanation, calling it “a clear conflict of interest” because of his relationship with Mark and Craig Kilberger, co-founders of WE.

“There were many red flags with this proposal. Angus told Trudeau that it fell after the second one was announced. “You give an assumption … that you don’t obey the laws that define politicians and can’t apply to you.”

Angus said Trudeau’s action to cancel the contract hurt youngsters who were hoping to compensate for volunteer opportunities this summer.

Trudeau took a risk with his appearance before a parliamentary committee, where opponents can grill witnesses in sometimes-chaotic settings, known for frequent interruptions, raised voices, and testy exchanges.

The Prime Minister was repeatedly pressed on how much we paid for his wife’s recent visit to an event in London, whether she had read the conflict law and sidestepped the questions that had given us the WE contract. Will be removed for decision.

The WE contract has also favored Finance Minister Bill Morena, Trudeau’s trusted economic quarterback of the federal Kovid-19 response. Morneau told the same committee last week that he failed to pay C for more than $ 41,000 in travel expenses, which his wife and one of his daughters took with WE in 2017. Morneau, who has a daughter who works with us. Insisted that he only felt that he had not paid for the cost of the trip.

Morkeu, who is also under investigation by the Ethical Commissioner, has also publicly apologized for not refusing the decision to award the contract to WE.

Both Trudeau and Morneau have faced demands from political rivals to resign over the case and polls have suggested that the dispute has already eroded Liberal support and Trudeau’s approval ratings, which followed the onset of the epidemic Was increased.

Since the election last fall, Trudeau has had little apparent appetite among opposition parties to defeat the minority Liberal government and trigger another election. But the Conservatives are ready to elect a new leader in late August and may be tempted to topple the government.

The Prime Minister has shown that he can face scandals, including public release during the election campaign conducted 20 years ago last year.

His first violation of the ethics law was the 2016 spending leave he and his family took on Aga Khan’s private Caribbean island. Then, last year, the ethics watchdog found that Trudeau repeatedly urged himself and his employees to enter into a plea-bargaining deal with the SN-Lavalin engineering firm, which was facing corruption charges, Trudeau Conflict of interest broke the law.

Trudeau also suffered a setback from his 2018 trip to India when he had to cancel a dinner invitation issued to a Sikh extremist who was accused of attempting to assassinate an Indian politician.

Despite the controversies, Trudeau was re-elected last year – but voters gave him and his liberals only minority status in parliament. The weak mandate has forced them to work with opposition parties to pass laws and protect the government.

The WE contract itself has further investigated the financial activities of large international charities. Earlier this week, Kilburgers put questions before the Finance Committee.

We have considerable international reach. Its website, which features photographs of Kilburgers with international celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, says Dan has “worked with some of the world’s most famous thinkers and social workers.”

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