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Truck buyers are not as loyal as you might think, according to a study

The buyer of trucks in North America is a strange kind of consumer, very different from any other anywhere. His somewhat Freudian motivations for choosing a pickup over another are well documented, but one area that has not been fully investigated so far is his concept of brand loyalty.

CarGurus decided that brand loyalty was a study that was worth undertaking. 450 owners of American vans (not necessarily owners of American vans, look) to see how deep their loyalties really are and the answers are a bit surprising.

Usually, when talking about the market pickup segment, the conversation revolves around Detroit Three deals: Ford, GM and Dodge. The so-called foreign manufacturers (although most of the trucks and SUVs of Japanese manufacturers are manufactured in the USA from A) are considered as well, but it turns out that the owners of these are also the most intransigent. of all.

CarGurus wanted to know what it would take for someone to change the truck brand and the results were quite interesting. Forty-two percent of the owners said that a $ 5,000 price increase would cause them to change brands, and 45 percent of them currently own Ford. The second largest slice of the cake at 29 percent said it will not change for any reason and the largest chunks of those owners, 38 and 25 percent, own Toyotas and Nissans, respectively.

Another interesting statistic is the collection percentage owners who have never, never, cheated on their brand. Forty-two percent of Dodge / Ram owners made the equivalent of waiting until marriage and have never had another truck brand, while those with GMC are much more of the "experienced in college" type, with only 14 percent maintaining brand loyalty. [19659005] Finally, CarGurus wanted to know what specific attribute would take a buyer to another brand. When they polled, 52 percent said the price would make them leave the ship, but our friend Freud sticks his head out with cocaine with reason number two: engine size and power.

Trucks are definitely with buyers right now because let's be honest, gas is cheap and trucks are great. The Detroit Auto Show this year was packed with new trucks and SUVs, most of them with the latest and most advanced technology. It will be interesting to see how more civilization and more technology change the priorities of the truck buyer in the future.

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