Troublemaker who broke into Pelosi’s office: It’s not ‘fair’, I’m still in jail

The man accused of trespassing on Speaker Nancy pelosiNancy PelosiOn The Money: Democratic Deals to Strengthen Support for Aid Bill | Biden tries to keep the Democrats together | Retailers fear a return from mask wars Here’s what Biden is now considering for budget chief Biden urges Democrats to advocate for the bailout package MOREThe office (D-Calif.) And the theft of items, including mail, during the Jan.6 assault on the Capitol disrupted a court hearing Thursday while shouting that his continued detention was unjust.

The New York Times reported that Richard Barnett, 60, began shouting during a virtual hearing on his case Thursday morning that it was not “fair” for him to remain in custody, while other accused of participating in the riots they had been released prior to their tests. The Arkansas resident’s attorneys have reportedly tried to secure his bail so far without success.

“They are lengthening this!” He screamed at one point, according to the Times. They are letting everyone else out!

His outburst appeared to come in response to the judge set a date for Barnett’s trial in May, a prospect he said would force him to stay in jail for “another month.”

In response, Judge Christopher Cooper asked for a five-minute recess while Barnett’s attorneys calmed him down, according to the newspaper. Then it resumed without incident.

Photos of Barnett with his feet up behind the desk in Pelosi’s office went viral in the hours and days after the Capitol siege, making him one of the most recognizable participants in the riot along with others such as the self-proclaimed “QAnon Shaman” and another man who was seen smiling as he walked away with a stolen lectern.

Barnett pleaded not guilty earlier this month to a handful of charges stemming from the riots, including introducing a weapon into a restricted area and obstructing Congress.


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