Tristan Thompson was sent off at the end of Game 1, and then hell broke loose

The Cavaliers should never have been losing two digits with the remaining seconds in overtime in Game 1 against the Warriors on Thursday. To begin with, they should never have been in overtime, but we'll come back to that later.

However, Cleveland went down 122-114 with 2.6 seconds left. The Warriors probably should have turned off the clock, but the shot clock was about to expire, so Shaun Livingston stopped and missed a mid-range jump shot. Tristan Thompson was offended.

He was badessed as a flagrant foul two and ejected from the game, with 2.6 seconds left.

Chief referee Steve Jabby said he can see Thompson's elbow pointing towards Livingston's head. The blow was never connected, but the gesture was apparently enough to be thrown.

Then hell broke loose

Thompson was on his way off the field, confused as to why he had been expelled from the game. Then Draymond Green approached him, clapping and screaming in his face. Of course, that did not end well.

Thompson pushed the ball into Green's face and had to separate himself from the group of Warriors that surrounded him. It was an ugly exit that did not have to happen in the first place.

This is part of the fault of JR Smith and also of the fault of George Hill

The Cavaliers really had nothing to force the defending champions to spend overtime at home in Game 1. This was their opportunity . They had the Warriors on the ropes at the end of the fourth quarter. George Hill was on the foul line with the Cavs down by 107-106. He did the first one. And then this happened.

Hill – an 80 percent free throw shooter – missed the second free throw. Smith took the offensive rebound and dribbled the ball to the three-point line as if to turn off the clock. I should have pbaded the ball to someone, to anyone. But he thought the Cavs had risen. The face of LeBron James says it all.

Now the Cavs have to fight

LeBron scored 51 full points in Game 1, and the Cavaliers still lost. They had their chance and they ruined it. The Warriors flexed their biggest muscle in overtime and looked like the team everyone expected them to be.

How do the Cavs recover from this?

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