Trista Sutter’s Husband Ryan Says “Struggling” with Mystery Illness

Trista Sutter Looking for answers.

whereas The bachelorette Alum is trying to enjoy the holiday season, a mystery surrounds her family: why is Ryan Sutter, 46, does not look her best?

48-year-old Trista shared on Instagram on November 28 with a photo of her husband, “I’m struggling.” “This man … my rock, my best friend, my hero, my love … is struggling. Not everyday, and not for the fact that he can’t work or eat or exercise or with family Can’t live, but enough. We’ve been struggling for months. Struggle to get answers. “

Trista recently received confirmation that Ryan does not have cancer. At the same time, the firefighter still has no diagnosis for the discomfort he is feeling.

“A big relief … without a doubt, especially after fighting to find a doctor to pick up the symptoms that seriously lined up with lymphoma and advocating a scan to get it out Had been. But one of us was seeking a diagnosis. Trista shared, to fix it instead of fighting for the answer. “How messed up is that? Don’t worry, I know. mess it up. But, this is where we do not know are in a catch pattern. And trust me … I know it could be worse, so for him. , I am thankful.”

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