Trial of Trump impeachment may begin on Inauguration Day

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial could begin on Inauguration Day, the way Democrat Joe Biden swears into office at an extraordinary end to the defeated president’s term in the White House.

The trial timeline and schedule are largely determined by Senate procedures and will begin as soon as the House distributes the writ of impeachment. This means the trial can begin at 1 pm on Inauguration Day. The ceremony at the Capitol begins at noon.

Trump was impeached on Wednesday, sieging the Capitol in the House, the only president in US history after two impeachments, a pro-Trump mob ravaged the building. Amid threats of more violence around the inauguration, the attack has left the country’s capital, and other capital winds.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not said when she will take the next step to disseminate the article of impeachment, which is the only charge of inciting the rebellion. Some senior Democrats have proposed holding the article back to allow Biden and Congress time to focus on their new administration’s priorities.

Biden has said that the Senate should be able to divide its time and do both.

The impeachment trial will be the first post for the president who is no longer in office. And, politically, it would spark an outcry among some Republicans who have stood by Trump during his presidency and largely allowed him to spread false attacks against the integrity of the 2020 election.

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Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is open to considering impeachment, saying that allies are done with Trump, but have not indicated how he will vote.

The lawsuit will be among his final acts as leader of the majority, with two new senators from Georgia, both Democrats, sworn into office leaving the 50-50 split chamber. Kamala Harris gave the Democrats a majority after taking office, as the vice president is a tie-breaker.

In a note to colleagues on Wednesday, McConnell said he had not made a final decision on “how I would vote” in the Senate impeachment trial.

Armed with the Capitol, National Guard soldiers secured inside and outThe House voted 232-197 on Wednesday to impeach Trump. The proceeding proceeded at a brisk pace, with lawmakers voting just a week after violent pro-Trump loyalists created a ruckus in the Capitol, calling on the president to “fight like hell” for him Against the election results.

Ten Republicans run away Trump, Who joins Democrats, said he should be held accountable and warned “uncontrollably if Congress leaves Congress unannounced on January 20 before Democrat Joe Biden’s inauguration.” 20. It was the most Burstian presidential impeachment in modern times, and more so in 1998 compared to Bill Clinton.

The capitol rebellion stunned and angered lawmen, who were sent to safety to descend as crowds, and this revealed the fragility of the country’s history of peaceful transfer of power.

Pelosi called on Abraham Lincoln and the Bible, asking lawmakers to take an oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign “and domestic”.

She said of Trump: “He must go, he is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love.”

Holi played at White House, watched proceedings on TV, Trump later released a video statement in which he did not mention impeachment at all, but appealed to his supporters to avoid any further violence or disrupt the inauguration of Biden.

“Like all of you, I was shocked and deeply saddened by the disaster in the Capitol last week,” he said, his first condemnation of the attack. He appealed for unity to “move forward” and said, “The mob commits violence against what I believe and what our movement stands for.” … No true supporter of mine can ever disrespect law enforcement. “

Trump was first impeached by the House in 2019 over his dealings with Ukraine, but the Senate voted in 2020.

No president has been convicted by the Senate, but Republicans have said that a rapidly changing political climate could change as officials, donors, big business and others turn away from the defeated president.

Two-thirds of the vote in the Senate would be needed to explain and oust Trump.

Biden said in a statement after the vote that it was his expectation that the leadership of the Senate would “find a way to deal with its constitutional responsibilities on impeachment, while also working on other essential business of this nation.”

Unlike his first time, Trump is facing this impeachment as a weak leader, having lost his own reconsideration as well as a Senate Republican majority.

Proposal for four-page impeachment, to make a case for “high crimes and misdeeds” sought in the Constitution It relies on Trump’s own rhetoric and spreads about Biden’s electoral victory, including a rally near the White House on the day of the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

The impeachment motion is also to prevent Trump from running again.

A Capitol police officer died from injuries sustained in the riot and a woman was shot dead by police during the siege. Officials said three other people died in a medical emergency. Dangal delayed the tally of Electoral College votes which was the final step in finalizing Biden’s victory.

Ten Republican lawmakers in Wyoming, including the third Republican House GOP leader Liz Cheney, voted to impeach Trump, who was challenging the Republican leadership, and the party itself.

Cheney, whose father is a former Republican vice president, told the crowd about Trump’s actions that his office has “never been overly betrayed by the president”.

The president’s strong popularity with constituents of GOP lawmakers still holds some sway, and most House Republicans did not vote.

Trump is said to have been gripped with the alleged disarray of McConnell and Cheney.

Security was exceptionally tight in the Capitol, with long fences around the complex. The lawmakers needed a metal-detector screening to enter the chamber, where a week earlier, lawmakers, as police, hijacked inside, drew guns, locked rioters with doors.

The impeachment bill is about Biden’s election defeat from Trump’s own false statements. Judges across the country, including some named by Trump, have repeatedly dismissed cases challenging the election results, and Trump’s former Attorney General William Burr said there was no indication of widespread fraud.

While some have questioned the president approaching the end of his term to impeach him. In 1876, during the Ulysses Grant administration, Secretary of War William Belknap was impeached by the House on the day he resigned, and the Senate went to trial months later. He was acquitted.


Associated Press writers Kevin Freking, Andrew Taylor Allen Fram, Zeke Miller, and Jonathan Lemire contributed to this report.


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