Trevor Noah Turns Off In Ted Cruz’s Shameless Texas Photoshoot

TLate-night shows have found a new favorite target: Ted Cruz, the bumbling Republican senator from Texas who seems far more interested in helping incite a coup or tweeting about “canceling the culture” than helping those in his home state. they have no power or clean water after the cold-weather storms that destroyed the Texas power grid, leaving millions without power and dozens dead.

Cruz, in his infinite wisdom, took it upon himself to fly to Cancun during the humanitarian crisis to spend a vacation with his family at the Ritz-Carlton. When he was caught on the spot and ridiculed for it, the politician returned and proceeded to blame the entire episode on his wife and daughters.

On Monday night The daily showTrevor Noah got into Cruz’s dirty waters, exploring how the former Princeton student who now disguises himself as a cowboy is trying to improve his image in the wake of the ridiculous self-imposed scandal.

“After being criticized for flying to Cancun when his own heat died, Ted Cruz, senator from Texas and prince of Disney prior to The kiss of true love is now back in its home state doing the bare minimum for the sake of the cameras, ”Noah explained.

As Fox News proudly stated, Cruz spent the weekend barbecuing and pouring drinking water into Texans’ cars in a fairly transparent photo opportunity to garner some positive PR after the Cancun debacle.

“Sorry, Cruz. This is not going to be enough, buddy, ”Noah said. “See, this here? This is the political version of coming home with flowers on the day then Valentine’s Day. It’s nothing, but your butt is still sleeping on the couch. And honestly, I don’t know why politicians try to take these silly photographs. Basically, they just turn people who really need real help into political support. “


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