Trevor Noah School Tom Cotton called slavery a ‘necessary evil’

Trevor Noah was not at all surprised that Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is being taught in schools with “The 1619 Project”.

“There is an American senator who is objecting to the strongest, and possibly in stupid words,” Daily show The host said before taking a dive into Cotton’s recent remarks in which he agreed with the founding fathers that slavery was a “necessary evil upon which the union was built.” The senator also called the proposed curriculum “racially divisive”.

Noah said, “Hold on, hold on.” “So Senator Cotton thinks the course is racially divisive. You know what racial divisiveness really is? Slavery.”

The host continued to go on cottons, “thinking that racial division does not exist until slavery is taught in school.” But even if he chooses to believe that Cotton was not really “defending slavery”, that “just a U.S. senator shouldn’t do anything, even if his name is Cotton,” Noah said Jokingly said, he still did not understand why he protests the “1619 project” so strictly.


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