Trevor Noah said on Fox News for Kamala Harris, ‘Black is not Enough’

Kamala Harris took the stage on Wednesday to deliver her speech, accepting the Vice President’s nomination. The daily showTrevor Noa decided to delve into a big smear he has faced with Fox News and other conservative pundits since he was announced a week ago: With a mother from India and a father from Jamaica, she just ” Black is not “enough”.

After playing a montage of commentators such as Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh and Dinesh D’Souza, leveling that particular attack against the California senator, Noa said, “You want Kamala Harris’ legacy all along. But to say that Not black

“Is she black enough to get out of a restaurant in Jim Crow South back in the day?” He asked. “Would she have gone black who would have to get it again?” Was she black enough to keep a white girl out of school as a girl? Then she is black! ”


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