Trevor Noah Jabs Trump for not buying Melania a birthday present


President Trump told "Fox and Friends" that he had given his wife a "beautiful card", not a gift. "How did Trump ruin the easiest question in the world?" Trevor Noah asked.

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White House of Cards

President Trump called the hosts of "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning. Before turning on a 30-minute monologue almost uninterrupted, they asked him what he had achieved for his wife, Melania, who was celebrating his birthday. He admitted that he had not bought her a gift, but gave her "a beautiful card".

"How did Trump ruin the easiest question in the world?" – TREVOR NOAH

" This is the question he does not lie about?" – JAMES CORDEN

"You're a billionaire! You gave your wife a card Do you know what she endures? I think she won a shopping spree, I'm going to say it's worth around $ 130,000. " STEPHEN COLBERT

Video from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Trump suggested that his wife's birthday was the reason for the call, which according to Noah sounded like a non sequitur at best.

"Why did Trump say he called 'Fox and Friends' because was Melania's birthday? What does that mean? He says,' Honey, I have a great celebration planned for us today: I'm going to talk to some people from the television while I'm sitting in the bathroom. "" Oh, thank you, Donald, my life is a beautiful dream. "- [- TREVOR NOAH

Kim's nuclear strategy

Spoiler: Kim Jong-un may not be acting in good faith at all. As Noah pointed out, Chinese scientists say that Kim's main nuclear testing facility seems to have collapsed, which has led to his meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Friday in a new light.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! So, part of Kim Jong-un's deal is to give up the test site he already destroyed? I did not realize that & # 39; Art of the Deal & # 39; was translated into Korean.That is an ingenious move. "- TREVOR NOAH

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