Trevor Noah attacks ‘crazy’ Fox News and Republican police blaming AOC for Texas energy crisis –

Trevor Noah attacks ‘crazy’ Fox News and Republican police blaming AOC for Texas energy crisis

Wednesday night The daily showTrevor Noah directed his ire at cheeky Texas Republicans and their right-wing spokespeople who have been blaming everything and everyone for the current energy crisis in Texas, as well as their own ineptitude, unpreparedness, and refusal to embrace alternative energy sources in favor of those sweet donations from the fossil fuel company. Millions are without power and at least 31 people have died as of this writing due to harsh freezing weather.

“This just goes to show you: you can’t put profit before quality and safety. Money isn’t worth much if you have to burn it to keep warm, ”Noah said. “Look, the fact of the matter is that this situation is somewhat embarrassing for the leaders of Texas. This is a state that prides itself on its oil and gas industry, and now, that industry has failed spectacularly … which is probably why state officials and their allies on cable news are working so hard to blame someone else. “

Noah then went on to a montage of Fox News presenters, including Sean Hannity, who proceeded to blame wind turbines, though they only accounted for about 20 percent of the lost power, with the rest due to problems at coal plants. and natural gas. “The power-producing wind turbines are freezing, not working,” said Sean Hannity, while Tucker Carlson argued, “The windmills failed, dumb fashion accessories that they are, and the people in Texas died.”

Meanwhile, former Texas Governor (and Trump’s Secretary of Energy) Rick Perry, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, and several Fox News guests and presenters somehow decided to blame Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal. (which has not been implemented) yet) for the current catastrophe.


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