Trevor Noa and the Daily Social Distancing Show Despacito – Deadline

Played by joe biden Despacito On his phone at a campaign rally in Florida. The Internet crowd quickly descended, shouting about Pandering.

“What you didn’t see is the reference,” Noah noted. Biden was just introduced to the song’s singer Luis Fonsi, who talked about “how the song proved to be in this country, which we won’t define by our difference.”

Trump Camp had fun with the Biden clip, which replaces the NWA classic F ** k Tha. police The song was played by the former VP.

Noah used this as a teaching moment, warning that the next time you are offended by something you look online, stop and take a breath. “It’s a reminder, before you get angry about something you see online, take a Despacito.”

Moving forward, Noa talked about ABC Town Hall, where Trump talked about the face mask, wearing the same is a sad thing for many.

Noah raised the issue. “Why is the President of the country with the highest death rate still doubting people about wearing masks?”

See monologue above.